November is almost over. Soon we’ll be getting ready for Christmas and the holiday cheer that comes with it. But before we’re overrun with glad tidings, why not have one more week of chills and thrills? Things are about to get spooky once again thanks to the 7th Annual Blood In The Snow Film Festival, taking place at the Royal Cinema in Toronto from November 22nd to 27th. Celebrating Canadian horror and genre films, the festival offers 6 nights of fun for the cinephile that loves blood and gore. To get you ready for the event, we’ve got a handful of reviews for some of this year’s offerings. The first of which is a look at Montreal Dead End, a horror anthology playing this Saturday evening at 9:30PM.

A strange green mist is rising from the sewers of Montreal and infecting the populous with a case of the supernatural. These mists release a plague of ghosts, evil spirits, cannibals, and various incarnations of zombies throughout the city. This paranormal chaos somehow connects to a First Nations legends, a magical amulet and a guardian in search of a book of ancient prophesies that only he can decipher. There are others in search of the book, including death cults and lunatics, who wish to cause harm to the city in order to unlock untold power. The guardian must retrieve the book and end the curse or all of Montreal will be doomed.

If you’re sitting down to watch a horror anthology filled with frights, be warned, this is not that type of film. This collection of shorts loosely stitched together by the guardian’s quest is more of a horror comedy that leans heavy into the comedy. In the first ten minutes, a man gets ejaculate thrown in his face and becomes a penis-faced monster. There’s also a story where folks become crazed killers after hearing a Celine Dion song (the only story in the film that might end up happening in real life). Add in a pair of zombies that are dining on grilled phallus (there is a slight obsession with dicks in this film) and a ghost who’s upset that they changed a street name and it’s obvious that this film takes a trip on the schlocky side.

Sixteen directors contribute to this film and it shows as there is no real continuity to the madness that fills the screen. There’s a number of zombie tales throughout the piece and each one presents a different interpretation. Although it’s enjoyable to see such a variety in the storytelling, the lack of cohesion in the presentation makes the through line narrative difficult to invest in. It might have been a better decision to just show the mist rising up and offer no resolution to the tale then to attempt to present “a hero’s journey” in the middle of it.

While the film is a smorgasbord of strange, there is an odd charm to it. The filmmakers wear their production values (or lack there of) on their sleeves. The digital effects are not smooth by any means and the performances are more pantomime than anything else. The whole film feels like an extended episode of Just for Laughs Gags with some out-of-place dramatics sprinkled throughout. That being said, it is a fun little movie that skips by at a quick pace.

If you’re looking for a goofy take on some horror staples, check out Montreal Dead End at the Blood In The Snow Film Festival this Saturday, November 24th, at 9:30PM. Tickets are available HERE.

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Montreal Dead End plays at BITS 2018 this Saturday at The Royal Cinema at 9:30PM.