Hey friends! Wanna go on a video adventure with us?

This time, we take a trip out to Comic Book Addiction in Whtiby, Ontario. CBA recently joined the Geek Hard family as our official sponsor, so it only made sense that we check out the place for ourselves. So a couple of weeks back, Andrew and Mr. Green visited the store to see all the comics, toys and gaming that they had to offer. The place is HUGE!

Check out the video to see what we mean.



Thanks again to Comic Book Addiction for having us. We had a lot of fun checking out the store, as well as the comic book warehouse that’s in the basement. We definitely recommend that you make your way out to 701 Brock Street North in Whitby to check the place out for yourself. And if you can’t check it out in person, visit their websites for comics and gaming goodness: comicbookaddiction.com and cbagames.com.

It really is true what they say about Comic Book Addiction: Come in once and you’ll be HOOKED!

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Look at all the fun these gamers are having at Comic Book Addiction! You can too! Check ’em out at 701 Brock Street North in Whitby, Ontario.