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Back in the year 2000, comic creator Brian Michael Bendis was a hot, new player in the world of comics. He had had minor successes in the late nineties with a series of crime-themed tales released through Image comics, such as Torso and Fire. It would still be a short while before he would blow up on the Marvel scene with his runs on Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man. At the time, Bendis, along with artist Michael Avon Oeming, was hard at work delivering a ripping comic yarn that mixed crime and superheroes alike. That series was Powers.

Powers was a classic police procedural that focused on crimes involving people with special powers. The first tale was a 6 issue story that set the tone for the series and would continue to haunt Christian Walker, the protagonist of the piece, for a long, long time. Who Killed Retro Girl? was an excellent “Whodunnit” that also set up the entire Powers universe. This week on Bloodbath, Andrew and Sammy take a look back on this now classic story. This is the first time Sammy has read Powers. For Andrew, this is one of many re-reads of the book. Find out what each thinks of this Bendis comic that’s is in print once again through the Jinxworld imprint.

A special thanks to Penguin Random House Canada for providing a copy of Powers: Book One, available now. Pick up yours today.

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