Welcome back to Part 4 of The 2018 Geek Hard Holiday Gift Guide. Each Year, Andrew and I bring you our picks for the best gifts for the geek in your life. In parts One, Two and Three, both Andrew and I showed you some gift options under $300 dollars and Stocking Stuffers under $30 dollars. For Part 4, I bring in the big guns: gifts from $300 to STOOPID! It’s the Expensive Edition! It’s time to take a look at some cool ideas for those looking to make a bigger splash this Christmas with a last minute, expensive gift. This is the part of the gift guide that always gets me excited. You might find this stuff cool, but it would be insane to give some of them as gifts.

*All prices are USD except where stated.

$300 and Beyond


Emperor Palpatine (Deluxe Version) – $314.00

This is the only piece I need to fill out my ROTJ Throne battle scene with 1/6th scale figures. Even if you don’t have a desire to recreate the ROTJ Throne Battle Scene, this is still an amazing figure to add to your collection. The chair alone would make me buy this. Okay, you sold me.


Betrayal at Cloud City – $349.00

What? Did you really think that I was done with LEGO? Silly rabbit. This gift checks 3 boxes on the nerd gift guide. LEGO? Check. Star Wars? Check. Cool as hell? Check! This LEGO playset let’s you recreate at least 8 different scenes from the Bespin portion of The Empire Strikes Back. Plus you get a Cloud Car and Slave-1 ship. And I thought the Hoth set was cool.


DX Chogokin Macross Plus: YF-19 Full Set Pack – $499.95 (CAD)

Macross Plus is an amazing series that both fits naturally into the greater Macross/Robotech landscape but also stood out with its excellent storytelling, haunting music and great characters. However, no Macross series is complete without the cool ass Veritech fighters. This transforming figure from Bandai DX Chogokin is no exception. YF-19 only looked better on screen.


Godzilla X-Plus Kaiju 12-inch: Godzilla 1999 PX Yuji Sakai Verison – $599.95 (CAD)

I love Godzilla! The original Kaiju for many around the world, myself included. This is based on Godzilla 2000 or Godzilla: Millenium, depending on which title you prefer. It’s another great example of the awe-inspiring grandeur that is the King of monsters! The figure stands 14″ tall but is considerably bigger in length. A great addition to any collection.


Batman Classic TV Series Batcave 1/50 Scale Desktop Sculpture – $799.99

I grew up watching reruns of the ’66 Batman series. This Batcave diorama really takes me back to all those lunches I spent watching the show. Super detailed, it looks even better when lit properly for dramatic effect. It even has an exterior Batcave entrance that you can use with a scale Batmobile, which sadly is not included.


Ghostbusters Proton Pack Kit – $949.99

Any Ghostbusters fan will tell you that the Proton Pack is a quintessential prop from the 1984 classic film starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Ackroyd and Ernie Hudson. Now you can have your very own without having to go through all the trouble of building it yourself. You can wear it or just display it in the house somewhere where people can drool over it.


Surface Studio 2 Essentials Bundle – $5,507.92

Yeah, I know, a plain Windows computer. boring. I have to say that while I have moved away from the modding of terminals for looks, this one not only looks sleek and futuristic, it also has the bonus of being touch capable, highly adjustable, and has a really nice interface in a 28″ screen. But it also has power when you are willing to pay for it. I managed to hit that price tag by, maxing it out as much as possible for the premium experience.


K-2SO Life-Size Figure – $8,900.00

I promise this is my last Star Wars idea on this list. K-2SO was a fan favourite when Rogue One hit screens a few years ago. The wisecracking robot companion to Deigo Luna’s Cassian Andor was voiced & played by Allan Tudyk. This life-size figure stands an impressive 7’8″ tall and looks like he walked right off the ship before heading to Scariff. Maybe he should have done that instead of being the hero he was.


The Swiss Engineered Quad Calibrated Turntable – $94,000.00

Leave it to the Swiss to design a turntable that can play 4 different cartridges, giving the listener the ability to change between tonearms and needles as desired seamlessly. It can also withstand the most aggressive of sound vibrations, allowing for the smoothest playback around. This is a real vinyl junkie’s dream.


The Five Person Exploration Submarine – $2,700,000.00

A 5 person submarine?! Yeah, everyone needs one of these. Whether you are looking for gold under the sea or plotting to topple your next nation, this sub is the option for you. This will allow you to hang out at the bottom of the ocean to your heart’s content. What more could an aspiring supervillain want? How about a secret lair on an island under a volcano accessible only by sub? That’s what I thought.

So there you go. Some cool and expensive gift ideas for this festive season. That’s it. We’re done for another year! Come back next year for more top picks and cool gifts for the nerd in your life.

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