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It’s no secret that Andrew and Sammy are big fans of Grant Morrison. A number of his comics have been covered on Back Issue Bloodbath over the years. But of all the titles he’s worked on, his run on New X-Men stands out as one of his best.

Spanning over 40 issues and 4 years, Grant Morrison redefined the children of the atom with his New X-Men run. He introduced Casandra Nova, a new villain that nearly defeated Xavier and his students. He kicked off the Scott and Emma relationship with a mental affair. A new wrinkle to Wolverine’s origin was introduced. As a whole, the run was quite eventful. It was also seen as controversial by some fans.

Fans took umbrage over new character Xorn. They also did not like Magneto’s role in the story. Grant’s storytelling was too “meta” for some fans. They couldn’t see his statements about toxic fandom and the cyclical nature of comics for what they were.

This week on Bloodbath, Andrew and Sammy dive in to Grant’s Run on New X-Men and break it down arc by arc. Listen to find out more about what went on behind the scenes as well as on the page.

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