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It’s time for another Creator Spotlight! This week, we look at a writer that had a very productive 2018 for the House of Ideas: Matthew Rosenberg! In the past year Rosenberg resurrected Jean Grey, reinvigorated 3rd string X-Men like Havok and Dazzler, told some scary stories featuring the New Mutants, and put the Punisher in some over-the-top scenarios. But that’s not all! He also shared a ripping yarn about a dupe of Multiple Man running amok and joined up with Ed Brisson and Kelly Thompson to tell a tale where a whole bunch of Multiple Men ran riot! Like I said, a busy year for Rosenberg.

Matthew Rosenberg has been writing interesting and funny comics for a number of years. He was the writer on the Blask Mask Series 12 Reasons To Die, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, and We Can Never Go Home. He also wrote an Archies comic where the famous fictitious band met some real life ones. The guy knows how to write fun and engaging comics, that’s for damn sure!

Take a listen as Andrew and Sammy take a look at the many comic works of Matthew Rosenberg as well as recount a few stories from their brief hang out with him at last year’s Fan Expo Canada show. It’s all coming your way on an ALL NEW Back Issue Bloodbath!

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