Originally Aired: 02/01/19 – We review Reign of the Supermen. We celebrate our 9th anniversary with J. Torres, Matthew Rosenberg and Tim Rozon.

Show Notes:

Our review of Reign of the Supermen starring Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn and Rainn Wilson. SUPERMAN IS DEAD. But now, four mysterious beings appear–all with the powers and abilities of the Man of Steel! One claims he is a clone from the DNA of Superman. Another–half-man and half-machine–says he is Superman with a cyborg body. Still another, a cold redeemer of justice, states that he alone has the right to wear the “S” shield. And, finally, an armored figure who says he fights with the heart and soul of Superman. Who is the true Superman?

We also celebrate our 451st episode & 9th year on air at Reality Radio 101. Joining us in studio for the show is J. Torres.

That’s right is that time of year again where we present our Froggy Awards to the guests we have spoken to in 2018. With the help of our 2012 Golden Grant Award Winner J. Torres. He joins us in studio to help once again give out the award to our Best Comic Creator Guest of 2018 – aka The Golden Grant Award. Matthew Rosenberg called in to accept his award and speak with us about Uncanny X-Men, The Punisher and more. We also gave out the award for the Best Video Interview of 2018 After much deliberation, we gave this award to Megan Follows who Andrew spoke with at Toronto ComiCon 2018 for her many roles in her career check out the full video here. And finally, the award for our Guest of the Year 2018 went to actor/cowboy/mustache Tim Rozon (Doc Holiday on Wynonna Earp)! Tim joined us via phone to accept his award and talk with us about the Wynonna fans, comics and answer some fan questions.

It was a great show!

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