What is FUN FAIR?

FUN FAIR is a new show on the Geek Hard Youtube Channel hosted by Andrew Young and his brother, Nathan. Like Geek Hard, FUN FAIR focuses on movies, comics, television and pop culture. We take a look at what’s happening in the world of fandom and poke a little fun at it.

Check at Episode 1 HERE.

Episode 2 touches on the live action remakes of Disney animated films. Nathan has his theory on how to make them better! Not only will they truly be live action, but also interconnected like the MCU! Give it a watch to see if he’s on the right track.

Episode 3 is our first video game play episode. What makes this game play vid different is that Nathan’s roommate commentates throughout. Nathan’s roommate is an old man who’s seen it all….except the Spider-Man video game. That changes now!

Finally, Episode 4 gives an alternative idea for what they should have done with the Hellboy reboot. Nathan thinks Hellboy is actually a certain WWE Wrestler. Find out which one in the video below.

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Maybe if Kane was Hellboy, the film would’ve made more money. Just a theory.