This week, we chat with a werewolf, tell a story in a minute, and prep you for the Summer Movie Season!

Don’t miss this Friday’s Geek Hard as it’s gonna be GOOD! Actor Thomas Elms joins Andrew and Mr. Green via phone to chat about The Order, a series about magic and mystery that debuted on Netflix last month. Thomas plays Hamish Duke, the leader of the Knights of St. Christopher (a pack of werewolves). For more on Thomas Elms, be sure to catch our interview with him this Friday.

Also, as a special treat on this episode, we’ll be playing a segment from the March 30th Geek Hard Live stage show we presented at Comedy Bar in Toronto. Actors Taras Lavren and Ali Johnson joined us that night to talk about Blink Twice Films, a collective of actors and directors creating 1 minute short films. Here’s more on Blink Twice Films:

Blink Twice Films is a one minute film anthology from a Toronto based collective of actors and filmmakers designed to explore the depths of human connection. ‘If your life can change in a minute, you can tell a story in a minute.’

Check out the films at the Blink Twice website and be sure to listen to our interview with Taras and Ali this Friday!

Taras Lavren and Ali Johnson of Blink Twice Films at Geek Hard Live at Comedy Bar.

Most weeks we give a movie review. This week, we switch it up a bit with A SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW! Find out what amazing films are hitting the cinema in the next few months. There’s some big budget blockbusters coming our way and many are of the genre film variety! Find out what movies Andrew and Green are most anticipating!

All this, plus the gags and reviews that you’ve come to expect, right here on Geek Hard. Listen LIVE! This Friday at 7PM Eastern on the station that’s all about the order of things,

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