This Saturday, comic shops come alive like no other day of the year! For Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Yes, it’s that day of the year where fanboys and girls can go down to their local comic shop and pick a free comic from 51 titles available. Free Comic Book Day is a day to hang with other comics fans, check out what your local store has to offer and maybe sample something you’ve never checked out before.

There are a number of publishers contributing titles, from the “Big Two” right on down to the small press. In a perfect world, you could walk home with all of them. But some stores have a limit on how many free books you can take (gotta make sure that there’s comics for everyone, right?) and not every store will be carrying ALL the books available. That makes your choices on this day all the more important. You don’t want to go home with a bunch of duds. That’s where I come in.

Thanks to our good friends at Worlds Collide Comics, we here at Geek Hard got you covered and have read a selection of Free Comics in advance. Be sure to listen to Geek Hard, LIVE this Friday at 7pm Eastern on to hear our panel’s picks on what comics to grab and what ones to avoid. But for now, here’s 6 comics that I think are worth your time on May 4th.


Hands down, this title is perfect for any adult fan making their way to the comic shop this Saturday. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long time reader or just a fan of the television series. Even if you’ve never read Deadly Class before, this is a fun, standalone story that showcases the characters as they head out to cut loose at a local club. This is a brand new story that’s also a great jumping on point. If you ever wanted to find out about those kids from King’s Dominion School for the Deadly Arts, now’s your chance. This book is equal parts classy and deadly!


If you’re looking for a great comic to give your kid, this one is a lot of fun. The premise is simple: The greatest heroes in the DC Universe (the JLA) answers questions from their biggest fans – KIDS! This is an excerpt from the upcoming graphic novel from Michael Northrop. It features two chapters starring Superman and Hawkgirl. The artwork by Gustavo Duarte is amazing and the story is a true all ages tale that’s fun for kids and adults alike. This one will be easy to spot as it’s digest-sized. But it’s not the size of the comic, it’s the size of the story! This book’s got story in spades.


A staple of Free Comic Book Day, The Tick once again delivers a fun bit of guffaws and whimsy. As always, the title features a new story that promises to entertain. Dave has the biggest collection in the world! But there’s something missing. The rarest items of all: The Tick and Arthur themselves! What will Dave stoop to in order to complete his collection? Find out in this story by Ian Nichols! There’s also an appearance from the fan favourite Tick-Cycle. If you’re a fan of the big blue guy, this one’s a must. The Tick continues to be the hero we both need and deserve.


This title is kinda perfect for both the fan of the Stranger Things T.V. series who’s trying comics out for the first time and the veteran Dark Horse fan who’s looking for some more info on the Black Hammer universe of heroes. In the Stranger Things tale, Steve and Nancy try to cheer up Mike in a story that takes place between seasons 1 and 2 of the show. Mike’s still hurting from the loss of Eleven. So Nancy encourages him to “get the band back together” for some good ol’ D&D fun. In Black Hammer, we’re introduced to new heroes with an old school EC Horror framework. Madame Dragonfly gives us a tour of her haunted cabin. SPOOKY!


The Goon is one of the greatest “heroes” to ever appear on the comics page. He’s a big dude who’s always there to do the dirty work and kill some zombie punks so we don’t have to. This book not only features him but also Eddie and Tala from the pages of Grumble. Eddie is a dog boy who decides to dimension hop away from death incarnate. Unfortunately for him, he jumps into The Goon’s universe, where Goon has just appointed his pal Frankie as the new dog catcher. Putting Frankie in charge of anything is a bad idea. Add a talking dog into the mix and you’re looking for trouble. If you’re looking for a funny funny-book this FCBD, I highly suggest this one.


DC is killing it for this year’s Free Comic Book Day. I already mentioned Dear Justice League. They also have another digest-sized excerpt from an upcoming graphic novel called Under The Moon. Written by Lauren Myracle with artwork from Isaac Goodhart, Under the Moon brings us a story about a teenage Selina Kyle, living through some harsh times. Unlike Dear Justice League, this is not an all ages book. It’s a young adult tale that deals with abuse and animal cruelty. (Resources for preventing self-harm and abuse are included in the back of the book.) But it is a beautifully rendered comic that I think will make you want to pick up the full story when it becomes available.

These are just 6 of the great titles available this Saturday. Want more Free Comic suggestions? Listen to Geek Hard this Friday night at 7pm Eastern on and we’ll give you what you need.

Support your local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day (May 4th) and pick up a free comic. While you’re there, buy a few comics off the rack. Most participating stores will have some awesome sales or fun events you can get involved in. Check ’em out!

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday. Support your local comic shop and pick up one of these titles!