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It’s always important to protect your rep. But what if you have a reputation for being an ass? There are a few comic creators, very successful ones, that are known for some particularly bad behavior. If you’re caught doing this a number of times, you’ll always have that reputation in the eyes of the fans. Some creators would want to get away from bad press. Others don’t care, as long as they’re still making money. Does anybody truly care about their bad reputations?

This week, Sammy presents the case for five comic creators – Todd McFarlane, Salvidor Larroca, Dan Slott, John Byrne and Neal Adams – to see if they’ve truly earned their bad reputations. Andrew gives his two cents on each as well. Sammy will present the evidence and the pair will decide what category they fall under from three choices:

  • Classy – The creator is victim of a false narrative.
  • Gassy – Depends on what day of the week you bump into them.
  • Assy – The Creator has rightfully earned their bad reputation.

Find out where each of these creators fall on this very scientific scale. Andrew even shares a couple of stories about meeting some of these creators at conventions. Take a listen as Back Issue Bloodbath brings you another classy episode all about Bad Reputations!

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