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This week on Bloodbath, we kick off a new quarterly segment on the show! We’ve celebrated many comic creators on the show before. But what about creative teams? Writers and Artists have built up amazing track records on the comic racks in tandem. Some have co-created characters and story lines that are still referenced in comics to this day! Back Issue Bloodbath proudly presents our new regular feature: Dynamic Duos!

This first Dynamic Duo is considered to be the team that made the X-Men the coolest kids on the block: Chris Claremont and John Byrne! Claremont and Byrne worked together on the Uncanny X-Men from issue 108 to issue 143. During that time they told the captivating Dark Phoenix Saga as well as the unforgettable Days of Future Past story lines. But that’s not all they did together.

Take a listen to find out about their work on such titles as Iron Fist and Marvel Team Up, as well as their all but forgotten 6 issue run on JLA in 2004. While both amazing creators apart, Claremont and Byrne created magic as a team with stories that are still worth reading today. Check out our tribute to this dynamic duo on the latest Back Issue Bloodbath!

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