They say all things must end. Such is the case for the Netflix Marvel shows with the release of the 3rd Season of Jessica Jones. We knew this day would come and from a marketing standpoint, it comes with a whimper and not a bang. Thankfully, this is not the case when it comes to story. The final chapter of Jones’ saga is both a satisfying conclusion and return to form after an underwhelming second season.

As this season begins, Jessica crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath by the name of Gregory Salinger. Salinger believes that anyone who’s acquired superpowers is a fraud and a cheater. He worked for his knowledge and skill. In order to take him down, Jess must repair her relationship with friend Trish Walker, who now has powers herself. Standing in the way of this is the pair’s conflicting ideologies on what it is to be a hero. This conflict proves to be as big of a threat as catching Salinger.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Jeremy Bobb as Gregory Salinger.

One of the major flaws with the second season of Jessica Jones was that it attempted to repeat the story beats of the first season. Season 3 does not make the same mistake. A new villain is introduced with no previous ties to Jessica or her past. Based on the comic book villain known as Foolkiller, Salinger, played by Jeremy Bobb, is relentless in his quest to expose frauds for who they truly are. Bobb provides a strong performance and makes Salinger a suitable advisary for Jones. The creative team on the show has once again taken a more obscure character from the comics (like they did previously with Nuke and The Whizzer) and dropped them into Jess’s life at the perfect time. But Salinger isn’t the only good pull from the comics that pays off.

Benjamin Walker is as introduced as client and potential love interest Erik Gelden, better known in the comics as Mind-Wave. Gelden is an interesting character who has special powers of his own and they prove to be equal parts blessing and curse throughout the season. Walker and star Krysten Ritter have great on screen chemistry which provides Jones with a relationship arc more fitting with her harder lifestyle. Their scenes together are among the shining moments of series. The season also sports fantastic performances from Rebecca De Mornay and Eka Darville, who reprise their roles as Dorothy Walker and Malcolm Ducasse.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Benjamin Walker and Krysten Ritter have great on screen chemistry.

Also performing to the best of her abilities is Rachel Taylor as Trish Walker. Trish starts out the season from a weak story point as a self righteous vigilante dead set on proving that she knows better than Jessica. As the season progresses, her contrasting ideology creates a relationship with Jessica that mirrors that of Daredevil and The Punisher in the comics. This eventually leads to conflict between Trish and Jess and the result is a fantastic third act.

Sadly, not everything hits the mark in the Season 3. Jeri Hogarth is once again the odd character out with a story that’s meant to create sympathy for the character but does the exact opposite. Carrie-Anne Moss tries her best with the material she’s been given but it was not enough to save it. Just like previous seasons, Hogarth’s story does nothing to move the plot forward or make her likeable or relatable. The writing continues to take her down a darker and darker path and then makes shallow attempts to redeem her. Her contributions to the main plot feel disconnected from her personal arc and might as well be in a different show. Thankfully, the Hogarth story does not derail the season or take away from the end of the series.

Overall, Season 3 of Jessica Jones is a fine sendoff for the series. Krysten Ritter gave another stellar performance and Jessica Jones felt like she jumped off the comic page with ease. Much like Daredevil and The Punisher, the character is left in a good place. While this story has ended, we know that Jess’s journey as a hero is not over. If you enjoyed the first season of Jessica Jones, you will like where the series ends up. And a surprise cameo in the final episode doesn’t hurt either.

Jessica Jones Season 3 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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Jessica Jones Season 3 is now available on Netflix.