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What’s better than one Green Arrow episode? Two Green Arrow Episodes! GA super-fan Elspeth McRobb joins Andrew once again to talk about another tale of the emerald archer. Listen as they take a trip back to the early 2000s to talk about arguably the best Green Arrow story of all time: The Archer’s Quest!

The first comic story written by novelist Brad Meltzer, The Archer’s Quest follows the recently resurrected Ollie Queen and his former ward, Roy Harper, as they go across the country and collect a few important items. Part nostalgic roadtrip, part daring adventure, this story digs deep into the character of the always stubborn Green Arrow. It also features the artwork of Phil Hester and Ande Parks, two comic creators that will always be remembered for their GA Contributions.

Join Andrew and Elspeth as they look back on The Archer’s Quest and see if still holds up as an amazing Green Arrow tale. They also give their thoughts on the issues that followed this classic arc. The perfect companion piece to last week’s episode, this week’s show continues to pour on that GA love. Give it a listen and enjoy your life.

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