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It’s the final episode of Guest Host Month as Andrew and his brother (and FUN FAIR co-host), Nathan Young, talk about a comic franchise near and dear to their hearts: The Avengers! It’s no secret that over the past 15 years The Avengers went from just another super team to mainstream icons! The movies had a lot to do with that. But the comics went from a single title to a eclectic line of books in various shapes and sizes. That begs the question, “Did this Franchise expansion ruin The Avengers?” Andrew and Nathan attempt to find the answer.

Starting at the birth of New Avengers in 2005, Andrew and Nathan follow the timeline to the introduction of additional Avengers titles, charting from two titles, to four titles, to seven titles. They look at the commercial success and the creative merit of each book and share their findings.

If you’re a fan of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, you might be interested in this short history lesson on the evolution of this super team and it’s impact on the comics market. Even if you’re not, it’s an interesting look on the effects of overexposure on the comic racks. Take a listen. You might learn something on an ALL NEW Back Issue Bloodbath.

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