What is FUN FAIR?

FUN FAIR is one of the great shows on the Geek Hard Youtube Channel hosted by Andrew Young and his brother, Nathan. Like Geek Hard, FUN FAIR focuses on movies, comics, television and pop culture. We take a look at what’s happening in the world of fandom and poke a little fun at it. 

Check out Episodes 2 to 4 HERE.

Check out Episodes 5 to 7 HERE.

In Episode 8, it’s time for more video game play episode as Nathan goes back to play Wolfenstein: The New Order! The Old Man is there to provide commentary and ask the important questions. Let us know what games you’d like Nathan and the Old Man to play in future episodes in the comments below.

The release of Episode 9 corresponded with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home in theatres. This film marks the big screen debut of the classic Spidey villain, Mysterio! To fill you in on the history of this character, Andrew plays a fun game with Nathan called MYSTERI-OH OR MYSTERI-NO! Give it a watch. You just might learn something.

Finally, Episode 9 takes a trip of a sort back to the 90s. When it comes to epic lines from films, the 80s get a lotta love. So much so that a lot of the films folks quote from the 90s are sequels to 80s films. Andrew and Nathan decided to pick some of their favourite lines from non-sequel films from the 90s. Nathan’s are not ones you’d expect.

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Does Nathan know jack about Mysterio? Check out the vid to find out!