Welcome friends to Back Issue Bloodbath, a comics-centric podcast presented by Geek Hard. Join hosts Andrew Young and Sammy Younan as they get down and dirty in the four-colour world of comic books, focusing on classic stories, new issues, comic creators and hot button topics.

If you’ve been listening to Back Issue Bloodbath for a long time now, you already know that Andrew is a big fan of Grant Morrison. Sammy’s a fan as well. When you pair this writer with certain characters, you get magic! Allstar Superman, JLA and New X-Men are great examples of Grant Morrison bringing something to a title that needed it. The same can be said of his current run on Green Lantern with artist Liam Sharp.

Focusing on the “Super Cop” aspect of Hal Jordan’s persona, Morrison’s Green Lantern is part police procedural, part social commentary on the use of authority in the modern world. Whether it’s arresting God Almighty for crimes against the Earth or saving a pocket universe from destruction by using pure force of will, Hal Jordan is the John McClean of the cosmos and it shows. It’s nice to have some bad-ass space-cop stories once again!

Join Andrew and Sammy as they take a look at the legendary lantern’s current adventures. We also discuss the beautiful artwork of Liam Sharp. There’s even an appearance by a giant-sized Green Arrow. Loads of fun is waiting for you on the latest episode of Back Issue Bloodbath.

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