Originally Aired: 08/16/19 – We review Good Boys. We talk with comics legend Todd McFarlane. We also talk with actor Shelley Pack of Chasing Molly

Show Notes:

We talk with actor and writer Shelley Pack. She talks about her film, Chasing Molly. Released earlier this year, the film follows Molly, a paranormal con artist who cleans people of their valuables instead of their demons who accidentally rips off a Drug Kingpin. She now has to save her kidnapped partner and herself while battling through the under belly of Los Angeles. Shelly chats about the making of this film and more! (*Note director Josh Sutherland was scheduled to be part of the interview but due to a technical issue he was unable to join)

Our review of Good Boys starring Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon. Invited to his first kissing party, 12-year-old Max asks his best friends Lucas and Thor for some much-needed help on how to pucker up. When they hit a dead end, Max decides to use his father’s drone to spy on the teenage girls next door. When the boys lose the drone, they skip school and hatch a plan to retrieve it before Max’s dad can figure out what happened.

We also talk with comics legend Todd McFarlane! Todd’s coming to Toronto for Fan Expo Canada‘s 25th Anniversary Show to promote issues 300 and 301 of Spawn! We talk about Spawn, his career and toys! Todd McFarlane broke into comics in March 1984 at Marvel. With his unique style and commitment to quality, Todd worked his way to the top of Marvel’s artist roster. His work on Amazing Spider-Man took that title to #1 and launched Todd’s career into superstardom. Marvel eventually gave McFarlane his own title. Spider-Man #1 shipped to stores September 1990 and became the best-selling comic of all time, selling more than 2.5 million copies. In 1992, Todd left Marvel to form Image Comics with Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen, Marc Silvestri and Whilce Portacio. There he released Spawn and has had a broad range of experience in entertainment, sports and publishing. For more on Todd McFarlane, check out his website.

It was a great show!

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