Hey not sure what to watch this week on the small screen? No worries #SetTheVCR is here to help you make some of those decisions easier. Each week Sammy Younan and I will give you our picks for each day of the coming week. Please note – enjoyment NOT guaranteed.

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Sadly I broke down and there is a lot of wrestling this week, and I mean a lot. Have faith, I know at least one of the shows is going to be truly outstanding. Fingers crossed the rest are as well. Plus we hit some nostalgia with BH90210 and David Bowie.

This is a busy week for August. Typically August is a chill month as September kicks off a lot of beginnings but not this year…lotta good stuff so let’s get to it!

Sammy Younan

Monday, August 5

Enter the Anime (3am / Netflix) – Netflix has announced its latest documentary ad-venture, Enter the Anime, which will explore the history and rise of the much-loved genre. So happy to check this out! Featuring interviews with anime’s biggest names including Kozo Morishita (Saint Seiya), Yoko Takahashi (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Shinji Aramaki (Fullmetal Alchemist). But wait there’s more! Enter the Anime will also examine Netflix’s original and licensed anime goodness including Castlevania, Aggretsuko and Kengan Ashura. Oh, this’ll be good. (Sammy)

Monday Night RAW! (8pm / USA) – I know I’m breaking my word. I said no more wrestling for a while but after last weeks final 30 minutes of RAW here we are. The main event was between Ziggler versus Seth Rollins. It ended with Brock coming out and laying waste to Rollins in the ring. Then backstage as Rollins is leaving in the ambulance Lesner attacked again and F5’d Rollins onto the side of a gurney. It was brutal to watch. But the show wasn’t over as there was multi-angle cross-over schmoz ending with Cedric Alexander jumping off the Titantron. I’m sorry but this makes me have to watch this week to see what is going to happen. Plus it’s the go-home show before Summer Slam on Sunday. Sadly the same can’t be said for SmackDown! right now. (Mr. Green)

Tuesday, August 6

Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the Oakland Raiders (10 p.m. / HBO) – HBO sports executes these behind the scenes… this is what it takes to succeed docu-series so well. I ain’t a hockey guy but their 24/7s were incredible and wholly captivating. Equally, I’m not an NFL guy I dunno the difference between a touchdown or a home run but the storytelling is so good I happily set aside my ignorance. Wanna know the difference between Netflix and HBO? Sports, yo. (Sammy)

The 100 (9pm / CW) – With this season going to places that the show hasn’t gone before, in particular, a new planet. At the end of last season, we saw the survivours return to space to escape the nuclear fallout that was about to happen again on earth and fly off to another planet after a 75-year journey. When the survivours wake up they are faced with this new planet and a new member of the cast with Monty and Harper’s son fully grown. We got to speak with Shannon Kook just before the season began the season and his role. I always wait until the seasons are done to watch this show so I can’t wait to start bingeing come Wednesday. (Mr. Green)

Wednesday, August 7

2 Bowie Docs (Anytime / Not Sure Which Channel) – On Friday Francis Whately’s third Bowie documentary David Bowie: Finding Fame will air on Showtime 9 p.m. Whately is a BBC producer and director who directed the masterful David Bowie: Five Years (in 2013) which is highly recommended. He followed that up with David Bowie: The Last Five Years (in 2017) which is not as good if only because the end is nigh. Since there is nothing on the telly tonight it’s a good time to review and return to Whately’s 2 Bowie docs in anticipation of his new one! (Sammy)

BH90210 (9pm / FOX) – After multiple runs at the series the original stars return after 30 years. In the new series, playing themselves in a heightened version of reality that is inspired by their real lives and relationships, in which the actors deal with launching a reboot of the 1990s TV series, Beverly Hills, 90210. Sadly there will be one cast member who won’t be part of the show with Luke Perry’s passing earlier this year. Still, this sounds way better than just a reunion series with the cast with their kids now kind of thing. I will be checking it out for sure for the nostalgia cheese plate we are going to be served. (Mr. Green)

Thursday, August 8

Punk (Anytime / Crave) – This was a #SetTheVCR Recommendation in March! And now it’s an August recommendation because it’s on Crave. You’ll wanna turn this four-part rockumentary series up to annoy your parents! (Also acceptable is responding with don’t tell me what to do! Which is great for punk terrible for tv recommendations…) Behold: Iggy Pop, Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Black Flag’s Henry Rollins, the Sex Pistols’ John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon, Chili Peppers’ Flea, and many others (including the artists they influenced, like Thurston Moore and Dave Grohl!) tell the story of the musical genre known as Punk. (Sammy)

Two Sentence Horror Stories (9pm / CW) – A simple concept anthology show based on the internet idea of horror stories written in two sentences. The idea became quite popular on social media and spurred a digital short on Go90 then on CWSeed which in turn CW decided to broaden into this new 30-minute anthology show. I love the concept and can’t wait to check this out tonight. Taking risks like this is what network TV needs to do more to try and attract cord-cutters back. (Mr. Green)

Friday, August 9

Aquaman (Anytime / Crave) – Confession: DC Films being what they are; I was reluctant to see Aquaman at a cinema near me… so here we are. Actually at the end of April? I was on the subway surrounded by a field trip class… think they were 12/13-year-olds? A kid in a bright orange jacket posits: “Aquaman is better than Avengers: Endgame.” Well… we know who ain’t a straight-A student in that class. Good luck meeting your guidance counsellor to discuss your future “options.” Still today I find out if that kid is wrong… or right? (Sammy)

Killjoys (10pm / SyFy) – Finally, I can see some new content for the series. I got to see the first 3 episodes which we reviewed on Geek Hard. Now with episode four airing, I can get back to watching the show with brand new content and see how the crew is going to get out of their latest predicament they got themselves into with The Lady. Much has been happening this season in a short period of time with brainwashing and schemes to terraform planets it’s been quite the ride. (Mr. Green)

Saturday, Augusy 10

St. Agatha (Anytime / Netflix) – The always charming and the always witty Tara Ansley produced this horror movie… it originally dropped on August 8 on Netflix. A horror movie set in the 1950s in a small town where a young pregnant woman takes refuge in a convent. Oh Oh! Lately, we’ve had a small trend of horror movies and scary nuns… what’s up with that… Nunsense? (Sammy)

NXT Takeover 26 – Toronto (7pm / WWE Network) – Summer Slam is Sunday night but WWE is not going to go easy on you this weekend. No sir! They are also presenting Takeover as well tonight LIVE! Regardless, if you have no clue who the wrestlers are on this show trust me when I say if you like wrestling or think you want to try it out for the first time this is a great show to jump on with. The matches are solid with great work being done by the performers. It’s a really great showcase for the up and coming talent on the roster. These are the stars of the future. (Mr. Green)

Sunday, August 11

David Bowie: Finding Fame (Anytime / Your PVR) – On Wednesday, August 7 I mentioned the third Bowie from Francis Whately aired on Showtime on Friday night. See? This is literally why we suggest you #SetTheVCR. You can’t get to everything. David Bowie: Finding Fame covers the middle part of his life and career including Ziggy!! (Sammy)

Summer Slam! (6pm / WWE Network) – With a solid card setup in the last few weeks since the end of Extreme Rules, we are hopefully looking at the beginning of a resurgence in quality booking from WWE. With highlight matches such as Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton, Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon, The Fiend vs Finn Balor and Legend Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair we are looking at a really good night. (Mr. Green)

Well, there you go plenty of options for the week ahead. Enjoy yourself and watch responsibly.

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