Welcome friends to Back Issue Bloodbath, a comics-centric podcast presented by Geek Hard. Join hosts Andrew Young and Sammy Younan as they get down and dirty in the four-colour world of comic books, focusing on classic stories, new issues, comic creators and hot button topics.

This week brings another guest host to talk about the rise of an iconic hero! Andrew is the best there is at what is does and what he does is talk comics! This week, he’s joined by In A TIFF podcast host Petula Neale to talk about a comic that caused a lot of ruckus in 2001: Origin.

Release as a six issue miniseries, Origin tells the story we thought at the time would never be told. Written by Paul Jenkins with fantastic artwork by Andy Kubert, the series follows a young Logan from adolescences to manhood. It showcases the tragic events that made him the man he is today. Origin is the brainchild of then Marvel Comics president Bill Jemas. His original idea was way off base. But with the help of Jenkins and Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, Origin became one of the hottest selling comics of its era.

Join Andrew and Petula as they look at Origin from concept to completion. They examine the narrative and even compare Jemas’s original outline to the finished product. There’s also talk about Wolvie’s greatest weakness and how Andrew shares that weakness. It’s all coming your way on a very special episode of Back Issue Bloodbath. Give it a listen and enjoy, bub!

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