Hey not sure what to watch this week on the small screen? No worries #SetTheVCR is here to help you make some of those decisions easier. Each week Sammy Younan and I will give you our picks for each day of the coming week. Please note – enjoyment NOT guaranteed.

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We are now at crunch time as the regular fall TV season is starting to seep into the list. By the end of the month it’s all we will be covering as there are so many shows each night it will be hard to make a pick at first, then it will be old hat again. It’s a glorious time of year.

Good News! This week is the last (for how long?) 90210 recomendation from Mr. Green. Also good news? We have lots of fresh tv for you to check out!

Sammy Younan

Monday, September 9

Beyond the Arc (7:30pm / TSN) – A tweet from former Raptor Danny Green: “Hey Canada, this summer was my time to explore a country that showed me so much love. I documented all of my experiences…” and so here is Beyond the Arc Green’s Canadian documentary with appearances from NBA ballers to Canadians like Justin Trudeau and Russell Peters. This might be a fantastic parting gift; something strong to show future free agents and stem that harsh narrative Toronto is not an attractive free destination city. We’re still not NYC or LA but we’re cool… right? (Sammy)

The Terror: Infamy (9pm / AMC) – So we did indeed have an interview with one of the stars Lee Shorten on Geek Hard last Friday. He was great to speak with and talk about The Terror: Infamy. Because of that interview, it forced me to get caught up on the season which I had been waiting to binge at the end. I’m so glad I didn’t wait. This show is phenomenal and is a must-watch for me from now on. Things are getting pretty heated at Guatal Canal and back at the camp. With Yukio taking great advantage of each situation to cause as much damage as possible to families at the centre of the story. Plus of course, is the backdrop of World War 2 and the Japanese-American internment camps that happened after Pearl harbour. There is a lot of bleak aspects to this story but it is told so wonderfully you need to be watching. (Mr. Green)

Tuesday, September 10

Mr. Mercedes (10pm / Audience Network) – YES! Mr. Mercedes continues to be one of the best King-to-TV adaptations of all time. (Sorry IT with John Ritter and see you in hell Langoliers with Bronson Pinchot!). Brendan Gleeson is an Irish treasure and the soundtrack is outstanding. This show rocks the disco. The tv show will continue adapting Stephen King’s trilogy – 2014’s Mr. Mercedes, 2015’s Finders Keepers and 2016’s End of Watch (all excellent novels from King!). 2017’s Season 1 followed the first novel, and the recently-aired Season 2 covered the second novel. Got a sense of what’s gonna happen for Season 3? And how crazy is this: today Stephen King’s 61st novel The Institute is out today. (Sammy)

Smackdown LIVE! (8pm / USA) – The “go-home” show before Clash of Champions on Sunday. To be honest, the on-air stories and matches have been a little wanting lately however the backstage drama with the writing staff, performers and management is where the real excitement is happening. So I keep watching to see how all this plays out unfortunately it still has been a bit of train wreck in the ring which of course is reflecting the train wreck in the back currently. Hopefully, they can turn a corner and make this work before moving to FOX in a few weeks. (Mr. Green)

Wednesday, September 11

Paper Tiger (Anytime / Netflix) – I’m scared to look down and read yet another 90210 entry From Mr. Green. Sigh. Anyways Bill Burr’s latest comedy special Paper Tiger was originally available on September 10 on Netflix. However, like watching Mindhunter, Mr. Mercedes returned on September 10 and that show is so dark it required a comedy palate cleanser. So thanks Bill Burr. (Sammy)

BH90210 (9pm / FOX) – FINALE! Sammy is over the moon that this will be the last entry on this blog regarding 90210 for a while. The season wraps up the cast is nervous about what the network thinks of the pilot. More shenanigans are to had as well. David finally has admitted the truth about Kyle and Gabrielle has come out to the cast about her undefined sexual exploration. Plus, there is still a mystery of sorts happening with an onset investigation being conducted by the studio after the stalker situation was wrapped this is still going on. I’m still very surprised at how much I have liked this version of the show. The entire meta angle is really working for me and the cast is doing some of their best work as these “characters” in the 90210 universe. Hopefully, it finishes strong and gets picked up for another season next summer. Like Sammy mentions above sometimes you need palate cleanser before digging back into something new. (Mr. Green)

Thursday, September 12

See Below – Like Mr. Green I’ve give The I-Land a shot… maybe like 10 minutes but like a real 10 minutes not “island time.” (Sammy)

The I-Land (3am / Netflix) – What starts out a brutal spoiler in the first seconds of the trailer soon turns into something very intriguing, to say the least. Stranded on an island survivors are launched into a game of survival for possibly their very lives. Simulations, intrigue and double-crosses look to be plentiful on this new entry from Netflix. i also suspect that there will be more reveals as the show progresses along. Can’t wait. (Mr. Green)

Friday, September 13

Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea (3am / Netflix) – We do this thing whenever we refer to white privilege as if it’s a nebulous monolith like “handicapped people” or “nerds” as if this is less of a group of individuals with specific experiences and more of a tribe with a Borg hive mind. Awkward: it doesn’t work that way. So while this has the potential to be a mockumentary, smart comedian Chelsea Handler is tackling white privilege from a personal point of view; still, I am sure there will be sarcasm. (Sammy)

Undone (3am / Amazon Prime) – This show looks super trippy and I can’t wait to check it out when it drops this week. Crazy time travel abilities and conversing with your dead father? How does that not hook you in and make you want to watch it? Were you not loved enough as a child to feel this way. Go on give this show a chance and see if it is actually for you. Or just practice your time travelling ability shoot to the future and see how you liked it. Then come back and watch it for the first time. That’s a win-win in my books. Then if you really liked it jump to the past and rewatch it like it was the first time. Wait that doesn’t make sense now… oh right, the fun of time travel discussions there is always going to be something that doesn’t add up. Just sit back and enjoy them for what they are. Fun. (Mr. Green)

Saturday, September 14

Bumblebee (Anytime / Netflix) – The Transformers spinoff movie about a Transformer in the form of a Volkswagen Beetle, who looks like Herbie the Love Bug, but, sadly, isn’t Herbie the Love Bug. (Sammy)

NCAA Football (Varies / Various) – Ok usually I would say NOTHING! and yes there is not much on there are sports on for those fans out there. While I have issues with NCAA as a whole they do have quality games and athletes so here’s your chance to enjoy some football. Have some nachos or tacos or chilli and sit back and enjoy! Or maybe check out what Sammy recommends, or we are back to football. (Mr. Green)

Sunday, September 15

Ramy (Anytime / Crave) – Hulu’s latest tv show comes to Canadian viewers. Created and starring Ramy Youssef (with excellent comedian Dave Merheje!) and Jerrod Carmichael as executive producer. Ramy is like Atlanta but set in NJ with lotta middle eastern people often exploring the tensions of living like a Muslim in American. Catch up on Season 1 as Season 2 is coming! (Sammy)

WWE’s Clash of Champions (7pm / WWE Network) – As all of the championship belts are on the line tonight it will be interesting to see how many actually change hands and if any of the matches are good. Plus we get to crown the winner of the King of the Ring tournament finally. Fingers crossed that it isn’t King Corbin. Please, please, please don’t let that happen. Also for some strange reason, we also have Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan which is not a championship match. Because reasons. All you can do is shake your head at the logic. Still, there should be good matches happening on the night like Becky vs Sasha for the RAW Women’s belt. Again, please no Corbin… my big push is for Chad Gable to come out the winner or Ricochet. Just not Corbin… pleeeeaaaasssseeee! (Mr. Green)

Well, there you go plenty of options for the week ahead. Enjoy yourself and watch responsibly.

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