This week, we find out if a ghost is scarier than an I.C.E. Agent and if either of them float!

Don’t miss this Friday’s Episode of Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green bring you another episode jam-packed with awesome. Joining us by phone is actor Lee Shorten. Lee is one of the stars of AMC’s The Terror: Infamy. Lee will be on to talk about The Terror and more! Here’s a quick bio on Lee.

Lee Shorten is an Asian, film, television and theatre actor. He grew up in Tamworth, Australia, raised by his adoptive parents Merv and Judy. Lee’s most notable roles are Sergeant Yoshida on Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’ and Walt Yoshida on AMC’s ‘The Terror: Infamy’. He also guest starred on Van Helsing as Master Tsui, a role specifically written for him by the Van Helsing team and recurred as on Supernatural as a fan favorite Demon. Lee has been nominated for a Jessie Award, for his portrayal of Jung in Pacific Theatre’s production of ‘Kim’s Convenience’. In 2018, Lee made his directorial debut with the award winning Ultra Short ‘J’adoube’. Lee is committed to telling inclusive stories and continues to be a strong advocate for representation.

For more on Lee Shorten, be sure to listen to our interview with him this Friday!

Also joining us on the show via phone is actor Adam Lindo. Adam played a featured character in the final season of Orange is the New Black. He played I.C.E. Agent Carlos Litvack a.k.a. Clitvack, one of the main antagonists of the season. Adam will be on to talk about that and more. We finally get to talk to him after his own spooky disappearance from our show last month! Don’t miss the interview this Friday!

We’re not done scaring you yet! We’ve got a movie review coming your way for IT: Chapter 2. The first instalment of the classic Stephen King story was a huge it. Will the sequel float to the top of the box office? Find out this Friday as Andrew and Green give their honest opinions.

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Will IT Chapter 2 deliver? Find out this Friday.