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It’s another “Guest Host” episode as Andrew makes a stop at Unplugged Expo in Toronto to catch up with comic artist J. Torres to talk about their one common interest: COMICS! It’s been over 3 years since Torres’ last appearance on the show. Back then, they talked about Alpha Flight. This time, they chat about a different super-team: The Avengers!

The summer of 1981 saw the release of Avengers Annual #10. The annual is special for a lot of reasons. The issue sports the first appearance of X-Men fan favourite Rogue, who debuted in the Mystique lineup of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It’s also the only time that legendary creator Chris Claremont has ever written an Avengers comic. The reason for this random appearance on the title was to correct mistakes made a year prior.

Due to the events of Avengers #200 (which we talked about on more than one occasion on Bloodbath), Claremont wrote a story to address the manner in which Carol Danvers (then Ms. Marvel) left the team. To say the circumstances were uncomfortable would be an understatement. This was his chance to set things right for the readers and for Carol herself.

Listen as Andrew and J Torres look back on Avengers Annual #10. There’s some heavy subject matter covered, including the rape implied in Avengers #200. There’s also some light fare as well as J gushes over Michael Golden’s artwork. If you’re looking for a deep dive on a classic issue and the unfortunate circumstance that necessitated it, you’ve come to the right place. It’s all coming your way on the latest episode of Back Issue Bloodbath.

A special thanks to Unplugged Expo for having Back Issue Bloodbath and Geek Hard at this year’s event.

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