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Without a doubt, The Joker is Batman’s greatest villain. He’s the only rogue in the gallery who can step out from the shadow of the bat and take centre stage. The clown prince of crime has accumulated a great number of fans over the years and there are folks that like him even more than they do the Caped Crusader! He’s so big that he’s got his own movie currently playing in theatres. The film tells the Joker’s origin story. To some fans, no story will ever top Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s take on his origin: The Killing Joke.

Seen as controversial by some fans today, Batman: The Killing Joke is a product of its era. Comics were in a grim dark place in the late 80s. The success of tales like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns cemented a take on Batman that’s still aped to this day. With Batman’s world getting darker, so too did the depiction of The Joker. In The Killing Joke, The Joker sets out to prove that any good man is just one bad day away from going insane. To demonstrate this, he targets Jim Gordon and sets out to ruin his life.

Today, the treatment of Barbara Gordon’s character in the piece outshines the story itself. While this portrayal is questionable, it’s hard to deny The Killing Joke‘s impact on Batman. This is due in no small part to the examination of the Joker’s backstory. Join Andrew and Sammy as they take a look beck on Batman: The Killing Joke on an all new Back Issue Bloodbath.

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