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Things are still scary as we continue our Horror theme for the month of October. This week, we’re looking back at a Marvel MAX miniseries from 2008: Dead of Night featuring The Man-Thing!

Created in 1971 by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, The Man-Thing is a creature from the Florida Swamp birthed from an experiment gone wrong. Biochemist Ted Salis and his team were on a mission to recreate the Super-Soldier serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. But when Ted found out his team were secretly working for A.I.M., his attempt to protect the serum lead to him becoming The Man-Thing. Over the decades, new wrinkles to his story have emerged. The Man-Thing is drawn to fear and all who know fear burn at the touch of the Man-Thing. (That’s not sexual innuendo. It’s actually a part of his origin.)

Over time, Man-Thing’s continuity has become increasingly dense. He is not an easily accessible character. Thankfully, in 2008 Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa put together a straightforward take on Man-Thing that leaned into the horror aspects of the character. This was a whole decade before the writer would bring horror to Riverdale. Join Andrew and Sammy as they take a look at “a radical re-imagining” of The Man-Thing in Dead of Night!

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