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This week on Back Issue Bloodbath, Andrew is joined by another guest host: Adam Sikora! Adam is a longtime friend of Andrew’s. He’s also a former contributor to geekhardshow.com. Back in 2016, he provided deep comic book analysis in his column, All Along the Watchtower. Adam joins us this week to provide his knowledge on one of the more strange super teams to come out of the DC Comics pantheon, The Legion of Superheroes.

The Legion of Superheroes first appeared in Adventure Comics #247, all the way back in 1958. They originally debuted as supporting characters from the future for Superboy to pal around with. A group of teenage superheroes from the 30th Century. What’s says “Silver Age Comics” more than that?Shortly after, they proved popular enough to get their own comic series. Over the decades, they’ve had quite the storied yet bizarre history.

Has there been a more retconned super team than The Legion of Superheroes? They’ve been rebooted, revamped, relaunched, reimagined and any other kind of reshaping that can happen to a comic book. Various incarnations of the team have appeared over the past 30 years and each creative team has given it’s own unique spin. Now Brian Michael Bendis has launched his version The Legion of Superheroes, which has caused some fans to scratch their heads and ask, “just who the hell are The Legion of Superheroes, anyway?” Adam answers that question for you and Andrew, who is admittedly not a fan of the Legion.

Join Comic Boy and Literature Lad (two names that could totally be in a Legion comic) for the history of The Legion of Superheroes. Take a listen and you just might learn something. Andrew sure did.

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