November is almost over. Soon we’ll be getting ready for Christmas and the holiday cheer that comes with it. But before we’re overrun with glad tidings, why not have one more week of chills and thrills? Things are about to get spooky once again thanks to the 2019 Edition of the Blood In The Snow Film Festival, taking place at the Royal Cinema in Toronto from November 21st to 26th. Celebrating Canadian horror and genre films, the festival offers 6 nights of fun for the cinephile that loves blood and gore. The opening night screening of Puppet Killer is just two nights away! Playing before the feature is Copenhagen Road, a short with that classic horror feel.

Directed by Lee Chambers, Copenhagen Road focuses on Craig, a down home mechanic who reluctantly agrees to help Nicole, a young woman with a flat tire. He asks her to leave the car and he’ll look at it in the morning. She’s desperate. She needs it fixed tonight. So he takes a look and finds out that it’s a car he’s all too familiar with. Some folks have secrets from their past that they don’t want to relive. Craig doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

This short has all the trappings of a 80s thriller: The late night, the mysterious visitor, and a past indiscretion that’s never been reveal until now. It has a distinct retro feel that really sells the tension of the moment. We know as soon as Craig sees the car that things are not as they seem. This predictable narrative allows the viewer to focus on the two actors in the piece and their performances.

While this isn’t the most riveting short in the horror genre, both Matt Conners (Craig) and Diana Cofini (Nicole) provide compelling performances that keep the audience invested. We know that some secret about Craig’s past is about to be revealed. What we don’t know is what Craig will do when it is. We also don’t know what Nicole will do. There’s a lingering tension between the two characters and both actors play with that tension effectively.

The look of Copenhagen Road is also compelling look albeit a simple one. There’s minimal special effects. There’s no crazy set pieces. But there is a moody look and feel to this film. Each set up gives off a cool exterior that gives way to an eerie underbelly. It almost lulls you into false sense of security with it’s uncomplicated visuals, only to snap you back into reality at the end. It gives you the end you saw coming but does so quite well.

If you plan on seeing BITS 2019’s opening night, you will most likely enjoy Copenhagen Road. It’s familiar horror done right. The short plays before Puppet Killer, this Thursday at 9:30PM at The Royal Cinema (608 College Street in Toronto). Get your tickets HERE.

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Copenhagen Road plays with Puppet Killer this Thursday at BITS19.