There’s just two days left for BITS19! Plenty of time to take in some fine genre fare. Tonight’s program focuses on web series. It’s that rare chance to check out an amazing show that you’d usually watch on your phone on the big screen! The evening begins with “A Series of Web Bites” at 7PM. If you’re a lover of hard sci-fi, you will want to stick around for the 9:30 screening of Deep Six, making its theatrical premiere.

Directed by Davin Davin Lengyel and written by Mika Collins, Deep Six a science fiction web series about a crew of astronauts stranded in deep space who discover they’re not alone. The series uses practical effects and has a throwback feel to sci-fi films of the 70s. The story follows the astronauts and their daring mission to find a way home. Geek Hard covered the series’ production with interviews with stars Mika Collins, Michelle Morgan and Kristian Bruun back in 2017. It’s been a long wait for Deep Six and thankfully, the wait was worth it.

In an era where being family friendly and showcasing high octane action are the norm, Deep Six is very adult and character focused. It embraces its hard sci-fi setup and presents a sophistication missing from most Hollywood offerings. It doesn’t talk down to its audience. The science is in depth. The characters talk like adults and deal with real problems both personally and professionally. The A.I. on the ships and the station talk candidly and have more personality than you would expect. The creators of Deep Six have created an environment that feels like a real workplace. But in this workplace, things might explode on occasion.

There are a few action sequences in Deep Six, but it is far from an action piece. The focus is on discovery as opposed to adventure. The audience gets is with the crew as they figure out their next move and learn important info along with them. At times, there’s an almost claustrophobic feel as we are stuck with the astronauts on this space station. That’s a good thing. We feel the tension of the situation made all the more haunting by the quiet of deep space.

Deep Six has amassed a fantastic ensemble cast including Morgan, Bruun, Jonathan Whittaker, and Scott Ryan Yamamura. Each bring a great performance and add to the series’ grounded feel. Mika Collins gives a stand out performance as Nemain Briggs, a pilot tasked with a near suicide mission to save her fellow crewmen. Through her, the audience sees some of the most exciting moments of the series. She goes on quite a journey over the 70 minute running time. Things get tense.

If you are a hard science fiction fan, Deep Six is what you’ve been waiting for. It unapologetically dives into the science of the piece and has an elegance not usually seen in genre fare. Deep Six plays tonight at BITS19 at the Royal Cinema in Toronto at 9:30PM. It screens with short films Giltrude’s Dwelling directed by Jeremy Lutter and EXT directed by Adrian Bobb. You can also check out the Deep Six series online but you owe it to yourself to see it on the Big Screen TONIGHT at Blood in the Snow 2019. Get tickets HERE!

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