Hey not sure what to watch this week on the small screen? No worries #SetTheVCR is here to help you make some of those decisions easier. Each week Sammy Younan and I will give you our picks for each day of the coming week. Please note – enjoyment NOT guaranteed.

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We are in the thick of it now. The fall season is well underway and we have our last of the new streaming services starting this week. You literally can’t say there is nothing on anymore. It may not be what you want to watch but there is something playing somewhere for everyone. Plus the launch of The Mandalorian and the return of The Man in the High Castle! Cable shamable.

Well, we welcome to the tv proceedings Disney+. Last week we welcomed AppleTV+ (these streaming names are getting dumber as we go along: Netflix as a name actually makes sense!) Thankfully HBO Max won’t debut under May 2020. How are you doing? Are you overwhelmed or worse underwhelmed? This is is how we’re closing out 2019!

Sammy Younan

Monday, November 11

The Man in the High Castle (Anytime / Amazon Prime) – The Man in the High Castle Season 4 drops on Friday. Not that you can consume 3 seasons and understand all the complexities in a week but if you want to start with this show now is a good time. It’s done! You will not be left hanging; it will have a resolution. I can’t speak for the resolution but the first 3 seasons have been outstanding; some quality television (and frightening as well: this is a tv show where the Nazis won WWII so a large bulk of this show is them consolidating their power!). To not be left hanging; to have a sci-fi show wrap up on their own terms is one of the rarest tv joys. Enjoy those when they come along. (Sammy)

His Dark Materials (9pm / HBO) – Lyra arrives to her new life in London, determined to find Roger with Mrs. Coulter’s help; the Gyptians continue their search for the missing children and the elusive Gobblers. So far this is far superior to the film from 2007. I’m digging it. (Mr. Green)

Tuesday, November 12

The Mandalorian (6am / Disney+) – Alright: I’m In! Unlike my co-host Mr. Green I’m “luke-warm” when it comes to Star Wars. The current crop of characters are not all that captivating (especially BB-8!!) so I’m hoping this show remedy’s this issue. Thing is one of the discussions we’re not having is budgets vs audiences. HBO’s Watchmen is not even pulling a million viewers; that’s a lot of time and money for a small group of people. As streaming continues to fracture audiences what will be considered successful enough to warrant a second season or more than 1 season? That’s my hesitation with shows like this: Swamp Thing was done before it even started! We’re at a curious time and place with our tv viewing. For now, I cautiously fire up The Mandalorian and see where this all goes. Ok, Mr. Green… take it away! (Sammy)

The Mandalorian (6am / Disney+) – It’s finally here Disney+ streaming service and with it comes The Mandalorian. This was a show I did not care about when first announced. TBH I’m not a fan of Boba Fett anymore. Like Wolverine in Marvel or Batman in DC way too overhyped and used. Did we really need to whole Jango/Boba storyline in the prequels, nope! But here we are and I have started to get excited for this series over the last few months. It feels like Favreau is going to give us a Star Wars space western and that looks to be fun. If this is great I may just turn around on my anti-Boba Fett stance but only if Boba is in no way related to the Mandalorian. Plus this will help tide us over until we get that juicy Christmas present on December 20 The Rise of Skywalker! Oh and don’t miss Friday, November 15th as episode two will be hitting the service as well and every Friday after that. Man, it’s great to be a Star Wars fan in 2019. (Mr. Green)

Wednesday, November 13

Very Ralph (Anytime /HBO (GO)) – So this debuted last night on HBO however A) Mr. Green and I were busy with The Mandalorian and b) thanks to streaming nothing ever is missed. This isn’t like the old days of tv. Very Ralph is the latest HBO documentary and this one is about the guy who put those tiny horses on our shirts: a fashion doc!! Look at me classing up the joint! Bonus? From director Susan Lacy who gave us Jane Fonda in Five Acts. (Sammy)

Nancy Drew (9pm / CW) – Surprisingly this show isn’t that bad at all. Yes, it’s still a CW show so expect the usual level of melodrama and angst that most of the shows on the network have. However, with Drew it comes with some fun crime-solving high jinx. I’ll keep watching until it hits a wall which it hasn’t yet but it does skate close to it at times. (Mr. Green)

Thursday, November 14

Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago (Anytime / Netflix)Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago debuted on Netflix on Tuesday however I’m adding it here as Jeff (he and I have met, so we’re “friends!”) is funny and b) with Season 4 of Man in the High Castle dropping tomorrow some levity is in order I suspect the season will be dark and grim: just the way I like my sci-fi! With a month to go which of the 2019 Netflix comedy specials have you been digging?(Sammy)

Supernatural (8pm / CW) – Sam and Dean look to be hunting a werewolf in this week’s episode. Plus it feels like another monster of the week episode like the old days of season 1. This combined with last week’s show which also fit the old classic Supernatural vibe. It has been a nice look back on what got the boys to where they are now. Hopefully, as we move forward we keep up on the quality that the fans deserve on this farewell tour. (Mr. Green)

Friday, November 15

The Man in the High Castle (3 am / Amazon Prime) – As I said above discussing The Mandalorian I dunno how The Man in the High Castle got to season 4. Who is watching this?! Me. I’ve been here since Day 1 and as the Nazis consolidate their power―remember this is a universe where the allies lost World War II―they’ve now discovered the multiverse and they’re aiming to conquer even more worlds beyond this one. Savage! I haven’t a sweet clue how you end this save destroying a world and killing millions. Sci-fi is amazing for these types of moral dilemmas. This show is highly recommended and now that it’s done it is so well worth watching. Didn’t watch it “monthly” then get the trade! (Sammy)

Klaus (3am / Netflix) – A new telling of how Santa Claus well sorta, watch the trailer. From the creator of Despicable Me comes this new animated version of the world’s most famous toymaker. In this, a terrible postman named Jesper gets stationed in the Arctic where no one writes letters. He soon learns of Klus a carpenter who has a house full of toys. When he suggests to let him deliver them for free Jesper and Klaus are on a collision course with history. It looks really good. Period. Just watch it you bah-humbug it’s getting to be the season to enjoy festive holiday movies and this looks like it could be a solid addition to the genre. (Mr. Green)

Saturday, November 16

Earthquake Bird (Anytime / Netflix) – I honestly can’t tell if this will be good. However, it’s set in 1980s Tokyo so that’s enough of a hook to lure me in. I am a simple man in complex times. (Sammy)

Peaky Blinders (Anytime / Netflix) – I recently came back to the series after I tried to watch it back when it started. I was at a family gathering when it was suggested to put it on. We started with the first episode and I binged all 5 seasons over weeks afterward. That’s not as impressive as it sounds as each season is only 6 episodes each. Still, it was great getting to sit down and watch something as good as this. My only regret was not trying again sooner. Now go watch some great TV. “By order of the Peaky FUCKING Blinders!” (Mr. Green)

Sunday, November 17

Chinatown (Anytime / Amazon Prime) – On October 26, 2019 producer Robert Evans passed away; he was 89. As head of production at Paramount, he gave us The Conversation (1974), The Godfather (1972), Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and so much more. However, as a film producer, he gave us a broad range of movies including 1974’s Chinatown which as of November 1st is on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t seen this or want to go back, I highly recommend it: a classic film-noir movie the IMDb description says: “A private detective hired to expose an adulterer finds himself caught up in a web of deceit, corruption, and murder.” This sounds like every movie ever made but it’s so much more than that! Check it out and you’ll see for yourself. Thank you, Robert Evans! What a great run; you done good son. Rest now. (Sammy)

Watchmen (9pm / HBO) – This show continues to surprise each week. The fact that Damon Lindelof is behind this hasn’t pushed me away but makes me wary of it falling apart at some point. Regina King is fantastic as Angela Abar/Sister Night. Now with Jean Smart as Laurie Blake joining the cast it only has gotten better. It is so far a very deserving sequel to the comic that didn’t need one but here we are and it’s good. (Mr. Green)

Well, there you go plenty of options for the week ahead. Enjoy yourself and watch responsibly.

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