Welcome friends to Back Issue Bloodbath, a comics-centric podcast presented by Geek Hard. Join hosts Andrew Young and Sammy Younan as they get down and dirty in the four-colour world of comic books, focusing on classic stories, new issues, comic creators and hot button topics.

25 years ago, the comics industry was in the middle of a speculation boom. Collectors were coming out of the woodwork, buying up as many “special issues” and variant covers as they could. It was a time of chromium covers and big pecs and pouches. Decadence reigned supreme! At that same time, a four issue miniseries was released that captured Marvel’s past and became the gold standard at the House of Ideas. The comic was Marvels.

Painted by the soon to be superstar Alex Ross and written by Kurt Busiek, Marvels tells the story of the Marvel Universe in the Silver (and a bit of the Golden) Age of comics. What makes it different from other retellings of origins is that it’s from the perspective of a regular New Yorker: photo-journalist Phil Sheldon. Phil shows us the view of the common man as they look up to the sky and take in the Marvels that have appeared before them, changing the world as they know it. The series has continues to capture the imagination of comics fans, two and a half decades strong.

Join Andrew and Sammy for a retrospective one of Marvel Comics’ greatest offerings in the modern era. We talk about each issue and give our thoughts on the attempted follow-ups to the series. It’s a fun walk down memory lane. Give it a list and enjoy the Marvels in your life.

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