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The X-Universe is forever changed. Jonathan Hickman has re-imagined the Children of the Atom. The House of X has arrived and done so in dramatic fashion. This past summer saw the release of the first issues of House of X and Powers of X. The two miniseries each provided six issues. Both series wrapped up at the start of November and gave way to the new X-Men ongoing as well as a host of other X-Books. But what went down in House of X and Powers of X?

Not since Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men has there been such a drastic change to the X-Men’s status quo. Jonathan Hickman, along with artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva, resets the table for mutants, giving them their own nation and portraying them as gods. This isn’t your daddy’s X-Men. These two series set up Xavier and company for the modern era and into the future.

Join Andrew and Sammy as they look at House of X, Powers of X and the first issue of the new X-Men series. It’s a brave, new world we live in where the X-Men finally have control of their own destiny…..but at what cost? We attempt to answer this question and more on this week’s Back Issue Bloodbath. Enjoy.

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