The Blood in the Snow Film Fest saw another year come and go. It’s 6 night run at The Royal Cinema came to an end last Tuesday. Films were screened, awards were handed out, fun was had. As dust settles on another successful festival, it’s time for me to share my picks for the Best BITS. These are my picks for the best films and shorts to screen at Blood In The Snow 2019.

She Never Died

Directed by Audrey Cummings, She Never Died features a stand out performance from Olunike Adeliyi as an immortal cannibal trying to do the right thing. She attempts to satisfy her insatiable hunger by eating the bone marrow of criminals and psychopaths to varying results. The film delivers action and genre goodness while also finding moments of comedy that do not take away from narrative. It’s a wild romp! Check out my full review HERE.

Now Is The Printer of Our Discontent

Michael Peeling directs this comic short film from the Camp 905 collective. A couple fears for their lives as they are stalked and threatened by their own computer printer. At first, they think it might be paranoia. They soon come to realize their fears are real. Hands down my favourite short of the festival. They play the comedy straight and present many ways on how a printer can kill you. It’s a bloody good time.

Dead Dicks

From the minds of Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer comes a horror thriller about healing family relations. Becca is always cleaning up her brother, Richie’s messes for most of her life. Now, after receiving multiple phone messages from him, she arrives at his apartment to discover him surrounded by copies of his own dead body. The pair must work together to dispose of the dead bodies and figure out the mystery of Richie’s multiple resurrections. Dead Dicks smartly uses an insane premise to touch on mental health, dependancy, and the importance of open communication between loved ones. Deep and Funny. A winning combo.


Erin Berry takes us back to 2008 to present an interesting conspiracy theory film that plays with alternate timelines, the Mandela Effect and alien invasion stories. Bernwood (played by Paula Brancati) is a video blogger and podcaster known for being a skeptic. She debunks conspiracies. This leads her to meeting with an elderly man named Anderson who claims to be a member of Majestic 12, a clandestine government organization connected to the UFO sighting at Roswell. Her investigation causes her to question everything she knows, including her own sanity. A tense character piece with an intensity that make your heart race. It’s my favourite film of Blood In The Snow 2019. Check out my full review HERE.

Space Riders: Division Earth II

Part of the web series showcase, Space Riders is a parody of Powers Rangers and the like directed by former Geek Hard guest Jordan Canning. The show follows two young Space Rangers as they attempt to protect the planet from alien threats and work together as a team. A major problem they have is that they can’t seem to master the elusive Double-Zoid maneuver. Starring a number Canadian comic talents, Space Riders is a lot of fun.

Deep Six

Capping off web series night, Deep Six made its theatrical debut. Directed by Davin Davin Lengyel and co-written by Davin and Mika Collins, Deep Six is hard sci-fi to its core. The crew persons of a space station are stranded in deep space and face harrowing odds in an attempt to find a way home. The series used practical effects and a classic sci-fi style to present a story about the hardships of space. Mika Collins shines as one of the leads of this ensemble cast which sports a number of familiar faces. If you like hard sci-fi, you should check out the series online. And check out my full review HERE.


The closing night film for Blood In The Snow 2019 also walked home with the award for best feature. Brandon Christensen also snagged a best director win for this psychological horror. A family is terrorized by an 8-year-old’s imaginary best friend, Z. This imaginary friend has been around a lot longer then the 8-year-old and has some unfinished business with his mother. The film is twice as scary for parents. It’s still pretty damn scary if you don’t have a kid. Great performances by the small cast and the design of Z is pretty horrific. You only see him a few times, which makes it even more frightful. A solid film to end out the Fest.

Those are my picks for the best of the best of Blood In The Snow 2019. Stay tuned for the 2020 festival, taking place November 19th to 24th. And check out all of Geek Hard’s Blood In The Snow 2019 coverage HERE.

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Deep Six and Z were just two of the Best BITS at Blood In The Snow 2019!