We have a WINNER for the GEEK HARD Christmas Stocking Contest!

This past Friday night (December 6th), on realityradio101.com, we announced the winner of the Stocking Contest live on air. The name was drawn from our contest barrel containing all eligible entrants. Here’s everything that they won:

To be eligible, you had to answer 3 questions:

What’s Macaulay Culkin’s character name in the Home Alone movies?

Answer: Kevin McCallister

In the song “Frosty the Snowman”, what are Frosty’s eyes made of?

Answer: Coal

What year did “A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS” first air on television?

Answer: 1965

Entrants emailed their answers along with their name and city and state/province they live in to geekhardshow@gmail.com before December 5th.

Thanks to everyone who entered. This was our biggest contest yet and interest was high. Without further ado, the lucky winner is!

DAN KERR from Oshawa, Ontario

Congratulations DAN! We’ll be contacting you by email to set up delivery for the stocking. Thanks so much for entering Geek Hard’s Christmas Stocking Contest.

While our Christmas Special has come and gone, we’ve still got some great episodes of Geek Hard coming your way, every Friday in December on realityradio101.com. Plus, there’s always something new to check out right here! Enjoy the holiday season with Geek Hard!

If your gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

This Stocking and all of it’s contents can be yours! Enter the Geek Hard Christmas Stocking Contest TODAY!