Hello friends. Welcome to another installment of the Geek Hard Holiday Gift Guide. Each Year, Andrew and I bring you our picks for the best gifts to buy the geek in your life. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showing you some great gifts for all price ranges. Last week Andrew gave his suggestions for under $300. Last year I did a list of nothing but LEGO. I could have done that again this year, but I decided with The Rise of Skywalker just a few weeks away to go with a Star Wars theme instead. Nothing but Star Wars on this list of gift ideas for the superfan in your life. Take a look and enjoy. You might find just the right gift to give that special someone.


LEGO Inferno Squad Battle Pack – $14.99

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 may not have been the hit it was hoped to be when it came out in 2017. However, Inferno Squad was a hit with fans. LEGO gets in on the action with a great starter set for the budding Star Wars fan on your Christmas list. It packs great value with 4 minifigs and a small ship to build and play with on Christmas morning. Ages 6+

Star Wars Collection C-3P0 Mini Cocotte – $30.00

Thanks to a new Star Wars film and it’s ever-growing popularity worldwide, Le Creuset designed a metallic stoneware mini cocotte based on C-3PO. A fun way to add a little Star Wars to your bland, adult kitchen and still be a functioning pot. It’s safe for freezer, microwave, oven, broiler and dishwasher. It’s more durable than the real C-3PO.

LEGO Star Wars Range Trooper – $36.56

Regardless of how you felt about Solo as a film, this new trooper was very cool. Now you have an opportunity to build one with LEGO’s Buildable Figure series. This is one of the better figures in the line and stands about 7″ tall when assembled. Also, this set has been retired so get it while you can. Ages 7+

Star Wars The Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader Action Figure – $79.97

As a collector of the Black Series figures myself this just looks amazing. I even had a chance to talk with some of the Hasbro team about the figure back in the summer. The level of detail and craftsmanship is stunning for an 8-inch figure. Plus it has a fully articulated skeleton that allows for those hyper-real poses. Warning: This is not meant for children. This is an adult collector’s item.

LEGO Slave l – 20th Anniversary Edition – $119.99

When the LEGO rep Priscila Sam was showing this to me at Fan Expo, it was really impressive, especially comparing it to the original version they also had on hand from 1999. This version has some cool features like the stowaway compartment for Han in carbonite as well as a handle on the bottom to hold on to as you fly it around your house. We’re giving away one this year as part of our Christmas Stocking Contest. I want one really bad. Besides the cool-looking build of Slave 1, you also get 5 minifigs including the 20th Anniversary Princess Leia. Gotta collect’em all! Ages 10+

LEGO Darth Vader’s Castle – $129.99

One of the cool moments in Rogue One was seeing Vader’s Castle on Mustafar. Another solid showing by LEGO with the playset, Advanced Tie Fighter and 5 minifigs plus an Imperial Mouse Droid. It looks impressive and can give hours of play after what looks to be a cool build. Ages 9+

Star Wars Instant Pot Duo 6-Qt. Pressure Cooker, R2-D2 – $144.95

If I didn’t already have an 8-Qt Instant Pot I would totally get this. A nice addition to any kitchen for cooking and now you can do it in a nice Star Wars-inspired fashion. I have R2-D2 pictured above but you can get other models that suit you better like a Chewbacca inspired pot. With a pressure cooker like this, you get some beeps and boops plus that massive steam release when you are done, making it feel a little like R2. If you are still not sold, check out the insane number of sites dealing in recipes for the Instant Pot. They are pretty tasty.

LEGO Star Wars Droid Commander – $199.99

My last LEGO item on the list and it’s pretty cool. Not only do you get to build some very cool droids but this is also a code tool for children to adults to learn some basic coding skills. These basic coding skills allow the user to then control the droid from a phone or tablet. I can only imagine the hours of fun to be had with this set. Ages 9+

Luke Skywalker Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure – $235.00

I own a version of this figure and can tell you it’s amazing. Very well crafted and with many great poses and costume options. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come with the Endor poncho I got with mine, but it does have the awesome addition of the illuminated lightsaber arm. I wish mine came with that option. Also, this version comes with a stand featuring a small part of the Emperor’s throne room to give it that little bit extra when on display. I would highly recommend this figure to any Star Wars collector.

Swarovski Star Wars Master Yoda – $269.99

The Star Wars galaxy meets sparkling Swarovski crystal. For the collector who wants something a little different. The oldest character in the Skywalker saga, he is crafted with 291 facets and rests on a cane made of metal with brown varnish. There are others in the collection but this is the one that got my attention first. Fair warning, this is obviously a decoration object and not a toy. Not suitable for children under 15.

So that’s just a few more gift suggestions for the nerd or geek on your shopping list. Next week, Andrew will be bringing you Stocking Stuffer suggestions. Be sure to check it out.

If you’re gonna geek out, GEEK HARD!

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