2019 is in the rear view, but we’ve still got a few things to say about it. Tonight on Geek Hard, we’ll be bringing you a special 75 minute episode counting down the Best of the Best Movies, Comics and Television shows that the previous year had to offer. Right now, I thought I’d personally count down the Ten Best Comics series of 2019. There’s been a lot of great stuff that came out this past year but only so many can be touted as the best. So let’s take a look at my picks for the Ten Best Comics of 2019:

10 – AQUAMAN (DC Comics)

I haven’t recommended an Aquaman series since 2011 and before that, never. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha have taken the JLA‘s best swimmer on an awesome adventure of thrills, chills, and even a few spills. Turns out all you need to make Aquaman exciting is throw in some Ocean Gods, Black Manta in a Giant Mech, and an old, drunk sea captain who can turn into a Kaiju. That’s all. DeConnick makes it look easy. If it were that easy, Arthur Curry (or Andy to some) would have been cool a long time ago.

9 – DEAD EYES (Image)

This book hit some speed bumps making it’s way to fine, comic-reading folks. But a character design change here and a name change there and it was back on track for 2019! In the 1990s, Dead Eyes was the number one stick-up man in Boston. But he threw it all away to retire with the love of his life. Now he’s back in the game and no one is happy about it. Not his wife who’s now very sick in the hospital with high medical bills. Not the mafia who think he ripped them off so many years ago. Hell, even Dead Eyes himself isn’t happy. But he’s got a sick wife to pay for, so happiness be damned. Gerry Duggan and John McCrea present a hoodlum with heart in the only way they can.


If you listened to our recent episode of Back Issue Bloodbath where I talked about this series with Petula Neale, you already know why I love this book so much. Carol Danvers is a bad-ass and isn’t going to let The Nuclear Man or a wannabe super type named Star get in her way. She’s gonna save the day no matter what. She’s not even going to let her friends, the Avengers, get in her way, even if she has to kill them! Wha? Yeah, Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero have put Captain Marvel in some crazy situations for sure.

7 – NAOMI (DC Comics)

Naomi is my pick for the best new character in comics for 2019! In the recent “Best Comics of 2019” episode of Back Issue Bloodbath, I talked about the career renaissance that Brian Michael Bendis is having since coming to DC. Naomi, co-written by David F Walker, with artwork by Jamal Campbell, is a prime example of this. A six issue origin that’s one part detective story and one part inter-dimensional adventure equals my favourite introduction of a character in a long time! If you feel that the Superman stuff Bendis is writing is a lot to tackle but you still want to check out some of his new stuff, give Naomi a try!

6 – HOUSE OF X (Marvel)

The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was finding a way to change the entire X-Universe in a way that makes sense while maintaining the integrity of the rest of Marvel continuity. Not to say that Jonathan Hickman is the devil, but he must have some sort of evil magics at work! By the second issue of this miniseries, he changed the status quo of the X-Men by revealing the secret origin of Moira MacTaggert and her mutant ability to reincarnate into herself inside the womb. Jonny boy threw the X-rule book out the window and took the readers where no child of the atom has gone before! Speaking of which…..

5 – MONEY SHOT (Vault)

Space, the final frontier. Join the crew of the Star Shot teleportation device as they explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations…..and have a lot of sex with them? In the near future, space travel is just too damn expensive. On an unrelated note, the general public has gotten bored with their porn options. Dr. Christine Ocampos has figured out a way to solve both problems! She and her team will have the horny people of Earth fund their space travel expeditions and in return, she’ll beam back footage of them getting down with beings from other galaxies. What could possibly go wrong? A lot of things, actually and that’s what makes it so damn interesting. Comic writer Tim Seeley teams up with comedian Sarah Beattie to create this space sex romp and comics is a much more fun and funny place for it.


Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp took Hal Jordan back to space this year and told some amazing “super cop” tales in the great unknown. In just one year, Hal Jordan got trapped inside his power ring, infiltrated the Blackstars, and even arrested almighty God! It’s been a hell of a year for Hal. Just like his JLA run from almost 25 years ago, Grant takes the fundamentals of Green Lantern and turns them up to eleven. It’s tough being a cop in sector 2814. It’s also a lot of damn fun to read about.

3 – PEARL (Jinxworld)

The Bendis renaissance continues! BMB’s creator-owned imprint, Jinxworld, has produced a number of amazing series with some of Brian’s best collaborators. Pearl is the best of the bunch. When the series began, she was an exceptional tattoo artist and accidental assassin living in San-Francisco. By the end of it, she’s risen up the ranks of the Yakuza and has a whole new life in San-Fran’s criminal underworld. But it’s the journey, not the destination, that’s most important. This albino assassin with a hidden tiger tattoo has quite the ride taking her to Japan and back. Bendis re-teams with artist Michael Gaydos of Alias/Jessica Jones fame to bring us one of the best crime stories of the year!

2 – DAREDEVIL (Marvel)

Chip Zdarsky is a Writer without Fear. This has been one of the most compelling Daredevil stories of recent years. That’s saying a lot as the character has had a couple great writers tell some compelling stories about him in the past decade. The parallel journeys of Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk as they struggle with their true identities has been a masterstroke in story telling. Each man suffers a crisis of confidence and is all the more dangerous for it. This chapter in Matt’s and Fisk’s equidistant stories has been a revelation into their respective characters. There’s an underlying arrogance and hubris to both men that’s been deconstructed in a way no other writer has done before. Chip’s shone a new light on both Daredevil and Kingpin and revealed new shadows to explore.

1 – CRIMINAL (Image)

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are masters at their craft. Each passing year, they seem to get better and better as a cohesive unit, producing story and art that drags the reader into the dark, seedy underbelly of the world of Criminal. They kicked off the year with Bad Weekend, a two issue story arc about aging comic creator Hal Crane hell bent on stealing back his most popular artwork from a collector. The story was so popular, they produced a hardcover graphic novel version of it! But their crowning achievement is the Cruel Summer story arc. The demise of Teeg Lawless has haunted the Criminal universe since the book’s inception. Now the tale can be told and it’s been a doozy so far. A compelling read that hits all the notes you hope it will but still manages surprises on the regular. It’s a masterpiece.

So there you have it. My picks for the Ten Best Comics Series of 2019. Let me know what your picks are by leaving a comment. Or tweet to @geekhard with your picks for the Ten Best Comics of 2019! Would love to see your picks!

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