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It’s no secret that Kevin Smith is a comic book fan. Ever since the release of Mallrats in 1995, Smith has been a flag-waving fanboy for the House of Ideas and the Distinguished Competition. It wasn’t long after that that Kevin’s love of comics lead to a notable side career writing for both companies and more! This week on Bloodbath, we look back on the career of Kevin Smith in comics!

In the world of comics, Kevin’s biggest contribution is still 1998’s Guardian Devil story that launched the Marvel KnightsDaredevil series. Kevin also made a splash at Oni Press that year, bringing characters from his View Askew films to the comics page. Clerks‘ Dante and Randal had 3 one shots. Jay and Silent Bob got their own miniseries that was later released as a graphic novel called Chasing Dogma. Our journey starts all the way back at this exciting year and takes us to present day.

Join Andrew and Petula as they look at the many comics written by Kevin Smith. His Green Arrow Run. The plans and eventual fallout with the Black Cat. His unfinished Batman story from the past decade. It’s all covered here on the latest episode of Back Issue Bloodbath. Give it a listen!

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