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Ever pick up a comic, look at the sexy cover and think, “maybe this is a bit too sexy for a comic about Emma Frost going to boarding school”?

They always say you should never judge a book by it’s cover. In comics, the opposite is usually the case. Cover art is designed to be eye-catching. The publishers want you to see the cover on the comic racks and pick it up. Some of the most dynamic artists in the business create some of the most interesting and exciting cover art. Sometimes, that’s at the expense of the comic art inside. The cover shows off a woman in a provocative pose but the interior is a regular story with no sexual connotations. While the cover is alluring, it makes it hard to read on the subway without getting strange looks.

Join Andrew and Petula as they talk about some of the most famous comic covers that have made them feel like pervs while reading in public. The works of Greg Horn, Jim Balent, and Adam Hughes are covered. There’s also a look back on the cover controversies of Frank Cho from a few years ago. It’s all coming your way on a very pervy edition of Back Issue Bloodbath. Enjoy the show!

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