This week, we break the locke, take a fall, pick factions, and watch a whole lotta T.V.!

Don’t miss this Friday’s episode of Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green bring you another great show jam-packed with awesome! Joining the guys by phone is actor Kate Drummond! Kate’s new series, Utopia Falls, debuts on CBC Gem and Hulu on February 14th! She’ll be on to talk about program and more this Friday! Here’s a quick bio on Kate:

Kate Drummond is an award-winning Canadian actor working in film, television, voice-over, stage and video games.   Her passion for storytelling has taken her both in front of, and behind the camera. She made her writing and directorial debut with feature film,Go Fish, currently streaming on Amazon Prime in Canada, USA and the UK. Kate is well recognized as the villain fans love to hate, Agent Lucado, in the first 2 seasons of the hit series, Wynonna Earp. This year, Kate can be seen in the new series, Utopia Falls, available on February 14th on CBC Gem and Hulu. 

For more on Kate Drummond, be sure to catch our interview with her this Friday!

Also joining us via phone is actor Praneet Akilla. Praneet plays Phillip Mishra on the Netflix show, October Faction. We’ve chatted with both J.C. MacKenzie and Gabriel Darku from the show previously. Praneet will be on to tell us more secrets about this fun genre series. Here’s a quick bio on Praneet:

Praneet Akilla is a fast-rising star who was born in Mumbai, India and raised in Calgary, Alberta,Canada. He currently can be seen in his first big breakout role starring as Phillip Mishra in in the new Netflix series OCTOBER FACTION following the adventures of a retired monster-hunter and his family. Praneet will also star in the new theatre production CIPHER at the Arts Club in Vancouver from February 9th till March 7th, 2020 as well as the ancient Indian mythology epic MAHABHARATA which will be making its run at the 2020 Shaw Theatre Festival from August 15th till September 15th, 2020. 

For more on Praneet, don’t miss our interview with him this Friday.

If that’s not enough T.V. talk, we’ve got some for you! This first season of Locke and Key debuted on Netflix last week. Did it live up to the comics? Find out this Friday as Andrew and Mr. Green give their honest opinions.

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