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Anyone who’s listened to even one episode of Bloodbath already knows that Andrew is a big fan of Daredevil. So it’s no surprise that we’re talking about the Man Without Fear once again. And like most times, we’re covering an iconic run of the masked vigilante’s comic series. It just so happens that the run in question is still ongoing! This week on Bloodbath, we’re looking at the current run of Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky.

Close to the beginning of his run, Chip made an appearance on Geek Hard to talk about his work on DD. The man spoke of the reverence he has for Matt Murdock and the character’s history. That reverence is on great display in the ripping yarn he’s weaving. The story focuses on the duality of Matt and his greatest rival, Wilson Fisk, the former Kingpin and current mayor of New York. The series has all the touchstones of a classic Daredevil story but from a fresh angle. It’s a real treat for DD fans old and new!

Join Andrew and Petula as they take a deep dive into the first 16 issues of Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky. You’ll need all your five senses to truly appreciate this one. That’s a lie. You only need your hearing. If Daredevil were here, he would know it was a lie by listening to my heartbeat. You probably know it’s a lie by using common sense. Hear more interesting tidbits of knowledge like this one on an ALL NEW Back Issue Bloodbath.

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