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Sometimes, all you need for a good time is fast track, a nice bike and a whole lotta Crush! This week on Back Issue Bloodbath, we take a trip to the raceway at Nova Honda to talk about Motor Crush! If you like motorcycles, racing and colourful characters, this is a series for you. Domino Swift is one of the top racers in the sport. She’s also involved in illegal street racing to win some rare and valuable contraband: Crush. Crush is a performance enhancement drug that makes your bike go faster. Human consumption is a big no-no. This stuff will kill a person almost instantly….all except for Domino, that is.

Created by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr, Motor Crush was first released in the spring of 2017. Since then, 11 issues (now collected in 2 trades) have made their way to the comic stands. At first glance, the book has strong Fast and Furious vibes. But the series is more than that. Part Sci-Fi, Part Family Drama, part feast for the senses, this series has shades of The Warriors, Speed Racer, Akira and more!

Join Andrew and Petula as they get their motor running and talk about Motor Crush. It’s a good way to spend your time.

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