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It’s another creator spotlight on this week’s Back Issue Bloodbath! Over the past 5 years, Kelly Thompson has been producing stellar work for The House of Ideas! Her work at Marvel has been high octane fun! It’s no secret she’s a favourite here at Geek Hard, winning our Comic Creator Guest of the Year for 2019! We’ve also covered her work on Bloodbath a number of times. We’ve talked about Hawkeye and Captain Marvel! We even covered her Sabrina the Teenage Witch miniseries! This time around we talk about all that and more!

From the West Coast Avengers, to Nancy Drew, to Mr. & Mrs. X. No stone is left unturned. Okay….there are a few stones. Most of the stones are turned, though. Most. We even talk a bit about Kelly’s upcoming Black Widow run! April can’t come fast enough for that!

Join Andrew and Petula as they take a look at the many comic contributions of Kelly Thompson. And in case you’re wondering, yes, Andrew does talk about his love of Jeff the Landshark! It’s all coming your way on an ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT Back Issue Bloodbath. This one’s got the sass meter turned up to eleven!

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