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This week on Bloodbath, we dive deep into the meaning behind the identity of the superhero! In a 2017 interview with Brazil’s Folha de São Paulo, Alan Moore was asked about his thoughts on superheroes. Moore stated that he believed that they were fine for children but not for adults, for whom they serve a “different function, and are fulfilling different needs.” The Watchmen creator had much more to say on the matter.

“I would also remark that save for a smattering of non-white characters (and non-white creators) these books and these iconic characters are still very much white supremacist dreams of the master race. In fact, I think that a good argument can be made for D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation (1915) as the first American superhero movie, and the point of origin for all those capes and masks.”

Alan Moore

Join Andrew and Petula as they unpack Moore’s sentiments and explore the validity to his claim. They look back on the birth of the publishing origins of Superman and Wonder Woman and explore Frank Miller’s Batman in Dark Knight Returns. They even break down the many archetypes from the cape and cowl set. Andrew and Petula attempt to discover the true identity of the superhero on the latest episode of Back Issue Bloodbath.

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