This week, we look at a Man of Steel from another reality and Mr. Green talks with an acting journeyman!

Don’t miss this Friday’s “Social Distancing Special” episode of Geek Hard! Andrew and Mr. Green bring you a fun show of pre-recorded goodness! Last October, Mr. Green got to chat with actor Peter Jason. Peter has appeared in over 260 different films and television shows. Green talks to him about the 2019 film The Assent, and a whole lot more! Here’s a quick bio on Peter:

Peter Jason, is an American character actor. He has appeared in over one hundred television shows and eighty films. He played Con Stapleton in the HBO drama series Deadwood. Jason has appeared in twelve Walter Hill films, seven John Carpenter films, and over 100 commercials and plays. He played the voice of Dizzy Wallin in Gears of War 2 and its sequel Gears of War 3. He is also credited for voicing Sergeant Dornan in Fallout 2. Jason appeared in the Eddie Murphy film 48 Hrs. as the Cowboy Bartender. Murphy’s character harasses him at the bar Torchy’s. In 1990 Jason played Henry Beechwood in the horror-comedy Arachnophobia, the first film released by Hollywood Pictures and directed by Frank Marshall.

For more on Peter Jason, listen to Geek Hard this Friday for his interview with Mr. Green.

We also bring you a movie review as we take a look at Superman: Red Son, the animated adaptation of the DC Elseworlds comic written by Mark Millar. The film comes to Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday (March 17th). Will the feature be as beloved as it’s comic book counterpart? Or will it fall flat like many of the DC animated films of recent memory? Find out this Friday as Andrew and Green give their honest opinions.

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Is Superman Red Son good enough for the people? Find out this Friday.