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Back in March, during a time before we all were quarantined to our homes, there was a place called a movie theatre. Believe or not, the last big film to hit the cinema before it closed up was a superhero movie. It wasn’t a Marvel or DC film. No sir! Valiant Comics released their first live action film on an unsuspecting public. Bloodshot, starring Vin Diesel, opened on March 13th. And then COVID-19 caught up with this side of the world and theatres were shut down for the foreseeable future. Bloodshot is now available for rental online. While the film went unnoticed, the comic book it’s based on has had some of the greatest comic stories of the past several years. We take a look at one of those great stories on this week’s Back Issue Bloodbath: Bloodshot Reborn!

Written by Jeff Lemire, Bloodshot Reborn began in 2015, directly following events that happened in The Valiant miniseries. We previously reviewed The Valiant on the show. This episode is a companion piece to that episode. Bloodshot is human again, free of the nannites. He’s alone, confused, and generally failing at life. He’s out of the game, but not for long. Random men infected by nannites start to kill innocents and only Bloodshot can stop them. Thus begins Ray Garrison’s journey taking him to places both far away and deep within his mind.

Join Andrew and special guest co-host Adam Sikora for an in-depth look at Bloodshot Reborn.

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