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The world is going through some dark times right now. So we thought we raise spirits by talking about a hero that beams optimism like the sentinel of liberty that he is! This week’s review is of The Adventures of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. Created by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire, The Adventures of Captain America is a 4 issue, prestige format miniseries released in 1991. It retells the origins of Steve Rogers and his date with the super soldier serum. We see his first encounter with the Red Skull, the introduction of Bucky, and all the other touchstones of Cap’s early days. It’s a celebration of the star spangled Avenger in a time before the Avengers!

Looking back on the book, it’s obvious that this series had a great influence on the Captain America: The First Avenger film. There are character designs that are directly lifted from the book and put onto the screen. This series will make you want to watch the movie again!

Join Andrew and Petula for a look back that proves there were good comics in the early nineties! The Adventures of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty is the book that any Cap fan would want to read. So listen to our review and then go read this comic. It’s worth your time and dollars!

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