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When it comes to the greatest Wolverine stories, many fans would point to his encounters with Sabretooth or the Wolverine mini by Claremont and Miller. There’s no contesting that those stories are great. But there are a few hidden gems out there that still stand up today. This week on Bloodbath, we talk about one of those gems: Blood Debt, written and drawn by Steve Skroce.

Released in 2000, right around the time that the first X-Men movie hit theatres, Blood Debt is a tale of family and betrayal. Logan makes a trip to Japan to check in on his adopted daughter, Amiko, and is dragged into a war between siblings over control of the criminal underworld. Wolverine is played a pawn in their game. That’s not a position Wolvie is used to playing. But he’s the best there is at what he does. What he does isn’t pretty, but it sure is entertaining! He’s down but never out. He takes the fight to this warring clan and then some! He’s Wolverine, dammit!

Join Andrew and Petula as the dive deep into Blood Debt. It’s a great stand alone story that delivers the violence and honour that any Wolverine fan would love. A strong story with beautiful visuals that pull you into the Wolvie’s world. Not a bad way to spend a half hour. It’s all coming your way on an ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT Back Issue Bloodbath. If you’re looking for a Bloodbath, Blood Debt delivers.

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