Hey friends! Until things get sorted on the comic book front, we’re taking a break from the New Comics column. In it’s place comes Best In Trade! Check here ever Tuesday for a review of a collected story from the long or recent past. This week, we look at Dead Eyes Vol. 1 by Gerry Duggan and John McCrea from Image Comics.

Dead Eyes was a famous Boston masked thief and hoodlum in the 90s. Nobody knew his face or his real name. He was legendary….and then he was gone. He took one last big score and then vanished. Some believe he retired on millions. Others believe someone took him out permanently. In truth, he retired to live the simple life with his true love. But things never stay simple. Now he’s back in the game to pay for his dying wife’s medical bills.

Everybody’s after Dead Eyes. The cops and the crooks. A mobster believes he skipped town with 12 million dollars of his money. It’s not true but it’s what he believes. It’s sucks when the one thing you’re good at is likely to get you killed. But this is the hand dealt to Dead Eyes and he’s gonna play it the best he can.

Gerry Duggan paints the gritty picture of Dead Eyes’ situation to perfection. Martin (Dead Eyes’ real name) is an affable guy trying to best by his wife, Megan. They’re easy to invest in. You don’t want to see them loose. It’s also easy to fear for Dead Eyes’ life. Robbery is not as easy for him as it used to be. His first robbery after years of retirement runs anything but smoothly. His driver, Wheels, brings Dead Eyes more problems, not only being a liability during the caper, but after it as well. Each step he takes towards helping his wife, he takes three steps back. The tension is high but there’s still room for a few jokes and bad-ass moments.

When it comes to jokes and bad-ass moments, it’s great to have John McCrea on board. The artist knows how to bring the gravitas needed for a scene but still make it feel like a Tarantino film. The stress and pressure is thick during the robbery and it gets thicker with each panel. The designs are simple but satisfying. The world of Dead Eyes is believable and lived in. It’s the perfect setting for a crime story.

Dead Eyes made my list for the Best Comics of 2019. The comic tells a tried and true criminal story and does it with the right amount of flare and gusto while still feeling legit. Dead Eyes: Volume One collects issues #1-4. Pick up this trade today from your local comic shop or wherever you buy comics. Let it steal your boredom!

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Dead Eyes Volume One is Best In Trade!