THEY’RE BACK! New Comics returns to store shelves this week. Some will be available at the shop, for curb-side pickup or delivery! And there’s always digital in times like these. I’m flying solo this week, but Kris Johnson will return next week to add his suggestions. For now, here’s the picks for the best of this week’s haul.

SUPERMANS PAL JIMMY OLSEN #10 (OF 12) $3.99 (DC Comics) – There’s a lot going on in this here issue. Jimmy’s still on his world tour and risking his life. The man responsible for Jimmy’s assassination is revealed! Plus, we’re introduced to the Fall-Off Family. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy had to come from somewhere, right? It’s everything you’d expected from another wacky instalment of Jimmy Olsen’s stranger-than-average life.

DEADLY CLASS #44 $3.99 (Image) – Every time I think this book can’t get any crazier, Rick Remender proves me wrong. The students are trapped in a burning cabin surrounded by barbarian fucks planning to kill them. It’s no surprise that Shabnam has cut a deal with said barbarians. And Marcus is going in and out of coherent thought. Sounds like the kids at Kings Dominion have found themselves in another no-win scenario. Let’s see who makes it out alive this time!

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN BY GEORGE PEREZ HC $49.99 (DC Comics) – George Perez has a bit of a history with the Man of Tomorrow. He got to create some classic stories with the character in the 1980s. He even told a tale or two at the start of the New 52. Now you can read all these stories together in one nice, shiny hardcover. Fighting Braniac and teaming with O.M.A.C. never looked so good. Find out for yourself.

THE GOON #10 $3.99 (Albatross) – The Goon and Frankie have their priorities straight. They know what’s most important to worry about: Witches, Fish Men, and Beer. Those are concerns to have when keeping the Brewers’ Union in line. Goon and Frankie gotta keep the streets safe from chaos erupting… chaos always does. I truly think Eric Powell could keep telling Goon stories forever and they’d always be entertaining. Goon is just a likeable guy…..unless you cross him.

YEAR ZERO #1 $3.99 (AWA) – Lets face it. There’s been a lot of zombie comics over the past decade. You would think there was nothing left to say. Leave it to Benjamin Percy and Ramon Rosanas to give us a global epic with multiple perspectives. A Japanese hitman, a Mexican street urchin, an Afghan military aide, a Polar research scientist, a midwestern American survivalist, all survivors of a global epidemic. We follow each of their stories as they try to live in a land of the dead. Some of the moral questions asked in this comic are relevant to our current world. Imagine that. This will be a sleeper hit of a series. Just you wait.

LOST CARNIVAL: A DICK GRAYSON GRAPHIC NOVEL TP $16.99 (DC Comics) – I’ve been really enjoying the Young Adult graphic novels that DC is putting out. They’ve been clever and entertaining as hell. This one sounds especially good. Back when the Flying Grayson would fly high on the trapeze, Dick was almost lured away from the circus. He almost joined the Lost Carnival. Why? For the only reason that can sway a teenage boy: young love. But they call it the Lost Carnival for a reason and all is not as it seams. Definitely going to check this out.

SNOTGIRL TP VOL 03 IS THIS REAL LIFE $15.99 (Image) – Who has it harder than Snotgirl in a pandemic world? Like come on! But that’s not what this book is about. It’s still about the fashion disaster-piece Lottie and her attempts to live a perfect life online. Too bad real life keeps getting in the way. Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung continue to bring us the addictive story of a fashion blogger that’s in way over her head. Catch up right now.

So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics. Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness.

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Deadly Class #44