Hey not sure what to watch this week on the small screen? No worries #SetTheVCR is here to help you make some of those decisions easier. Each week Sammy Younan and I will give you our picks for each day of the coming week. Please note – enjoyment NOT guaranteed.

All times are Eastern Standard Time so please adjust for your time zone.

There are options again this week. Documentaries (both music and sports), science fiction, legal dramas, hell there is even a TV-based podcast on the list. YOu can never say we don’t give you some different content each week.

This week is a struggle though the key is that the tv struggles not you. Self-care is a great way to love yourself today. If that fails well there’s a Brad Pitt movie where he takes off his shirt.

Sammy Younan

Monday, June 1

Laurel Canyon (9pm / Crave) – Some of the names on the poster for EPIX’s 2 part Laurel Canyon doc-series: Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Mamas & The Papas, The Turtles, The Doors and The Byrds. So that instantly tells you two things: 1) this is a music documentary about the LA neighbourhood where so many of these bands lived and recorded and 2) what era of music this is. Should be a groovy doc…man. Originally Part 1 was broadcast in America on EPIX Sunday, May 31 tonight it debuts on Crave (9pm if you want to watch it live) while Part 2 will be on Crave on June 8 at 9pm. Bonus Fun Fact: Laurel Canyon is director Alison Ellwood’s first but not only music documentary that’ll appear on #SetTheVCR. On Saturday, August 1st her other music doc The Go-Go’s (yes Vacation!) will be on Showtime. Looking forward to that as I don’t know anything about The Go-Go’s. The Go-Go’s premiered at Sundance this past January so it’s still fresh. (Sammy)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3am / Netflix) – The original iconic films are back on Netflix. This is perfect timing as I have been having an itch to watch these films again and here’s the perfect opportunity to do that. Sure they are a little dated and the effects are low end compared to today’s SFX heavy films but they have one thing the ones don’t heart & soul. Sure the costumes weren’t the best but they had a feel to them and that helped light our young imaginations when watching it and the subsequent sequels which are not as good as the first. It’s a good day for Turtles fans… COWABUNGA DUDE!!!! (Mr. Green)

Tuesday, June 2

Inside Joke: Space Force (Anytime / Spotify) – On Friday, May 29 the Steve Carell lead Space Force comedy debuted on Netflix. And it showed up in our world with a 10-part podcast hosted by Jimmy O. Yang. (Dude’s funny…I’ll probably check this out.) It’s the usual interviews with cast and crew kinda thing but since the cast is brimming with comedic talents this should be entertaining. I’ve written about this engrossing trend before recommending some of the official podcast companions for popular tv shows: HBO put out a Watchmen podcast and a Chernobyl podcast while Syfy issued the official Project Blue Book podcast. Right now only a handful of tv shows offer podcasts however they have incredible access to actors and writers and creators. Dope way to spend a few extra minutes in a world you dig. (Sammy)

Mr. Green’s Pick of the Week

DC’S Legends of Tomorrow (9pm / CW)SEASON FINALE! When the Legends find themselves in 1984-esque world, they soon discover that things aren’t as they thought they would be. Honestly is anyone surprised by this? Of course not, it’s how the Legends do business. Another successful season of hijinks and mayhem caused and contained by the Legends as they continue to battle across time-fighting to bring an end to any and all time anomalies they encounter. (Mr. Green)

Wednesday, June 3

Fight Club (Anytime / Crave) – This technically isn’t about Fight Club which returns to Crave on Friday. I’m curious if you’ve been watching more retro movies? Classics? Or are you enjoying modern movies? Are you avoiding horror or relishing horror? There’s no such thing as “read the room” because everybody is experiencing a number of distinct emotions as this pandemic and their house arrest status unfolds. Just be sure no matter what you are consuming to take long breaks from tv news and most especially Twitter. Be good to yourself so you don’t hafta resort to a Fight Club. (Sammy)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (10pm / ABC) – Sure you could be watching the recently dropped Fast & Furious series on Netflix but why when you can watch fresh content on LIVE TV! After learning that SHIELD will have to make the ultimate adult decision and help save HYDRA from the Chronicoms. Sure it’s rife with moral issues but this the conundrum of time travel. Sometimes you have to let shitty things happen to ensure the outcome you is realized in the future. So far so good this year. (Mr. Green)

Thursday, June 4

The Clearing (Anytime / Crackle) – The magic words: Zombie Apocalypse! I think there are some other things going fracturing family, a father and daughter relationship but ah zombies. That’s the hook. (Sammy)

Burden of Truth (8pm / CW) – A legal show filmed in Canada for the CBC that was is also being financed by the CW. It stars Kristin Kreuk from Smallville fame as a lawyer trying to fight for those who need help. We will be talking with one this seasons recurring characters Sera-Lys McArthur this Friday @ 7pm (EST) on Geek Hard. Will be a great time and you get to catch up before tuning in to listen Sera-Lyn talk about the show. (Mr. Green)

Friday, June 5

The Last Days of American Crime (3am / Netflix) – You can view this as the latest comic book adapted as a tv show and/or you can view this as the latest Rick Remender tv project following Deadly Class. I never read this comic book though it attempts to answer a controversial question: “With one week until the end of all crime in the United States, can the last heist in American history be pulled off?” In a way, you could set this into the Purge universe. This adaptation is directed by Olivier Megaton who you may know from Taken 2 and 3. (Sammy)

The Last Days of American Crime (3am / Netflix) – Sammy’s not wrong. I too am looking forward to checking this out. The idea isn’t exactly new but sometimes just adding a new little twist can restore lustre to an idea. With crime ending the clock is ticking until it’s all over. So why not go out in a blaze of glory and try one last big score! (Mr. Green)

Saturday, June 6

Ad Astra (8pm / HBO) – I’ve suffered through Gravity and The Martian: both sucked failing to offer any compelling sci-fi. While Ad Astra’s trailer featured a Moon Rover Bullitt car chase and the studio has released a 3 minute clip of that scene and it’s…so fresh; soul fresh. That works for me. If this is closer to Brad Pitt’s Tree of Life I’m 100% IN! (Sammy)

Fast & Furious (Anytime / Netflix) – sure I mentioned it above on Wednesday when they dropped but Agents of SHIELD was the better choice for everyone. These movies are loud, exciting and over the top. With each getting more and more and moreover the top with each subsequent sequel. It moved from street racers who were thieves to international super spies trying to stop whatever crime they are tasked with. Still, I’m a fan and it’s great way to spend your Saturday evening indoors in quarantine. (Mr. Green)

Sunday, June 7

Sammy’s Pick of the Week

Be Water (9pm / ESPN & TSN) – Volume IV of ESPN’s freshtastic 30 for 30 series continues tonight with Be Water. So now that ESPN has focused on Micheal Jordan and Lance Armstrong…who is next? Bruce Lee!! I’m serious. How cool is this? May Be Water do what The Last Dance did: introduce an overlooked and undervalued giant to the youth while giving us oldies a deeper appreciation for our secular culture. (Sammy)

Grease Sing-Along (8:30pm / CBS) – Why not. Yes like many I will be wanting to watch Be Water like Sammy. however, I do recognize that many people aren’t that into Bruce Lee or his life. Still, we have the Grease sing-a-long. Taking the original classic 1978 film and giving it a fresh coat of paint to allow fans at home to sing-a-long with Travolta and Newton-John. This feels like when they first played Miami Vice on the radio so you could listen live and in stereo for the first time. Sometimes counter-programming really does work. (Mr. Green)

Well, there you go plenty of options for the week ahead. Enjoy yourself and watch responsibly.

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