This week, we ride the train we missed last time, embrace the power of dance and music, and catch up with Geek Hard’s guest of the decade!

Don’t miss this Friday’s episode of Geek Hard as Andrew and Mr. Green bring you another show jam-packed with awesome! Joining the guys by phone is a long time friend of the show, actor Meaghan Rath! Meaghan was a regular guest on Geek Hard between 2011 and 2016! Earlier this year, we announced that Meaghan was the winner of our “Guest of Decade” honour on the Froggy Awards! She joins us this Friday to accept the award. She’ll also tell us all about her adventures on Hawaii Five-0 and more! Here’s a quick bio on Meaghan:

A dynamic and versatile performer, Meaghan Rath is an award-nominated actress and producer best known for her role as Sally Malik in the adaptation of the popular U.K. television series Being Human. Rath starred in the comedy Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life and has appeared in recurring roles on New Girl, Secrets & Lies, and the crime drama Banshee. Rath produced and starred in the indie feature film Three Night Stand. The film is available on video on demand. She also played Tani Rey for three seasons on Hawaii Five-0.

For more on Meaghan Rath, be sure to listen to our interview with her this Friday!

Also joining us by phone is actor Phillip Lewitski. Phillip is one of the stars of Utopia Falls, which is available for streaming on Hulu and CBC Gem. He’ll be on to chat about his work on the series and more! Here’s a quick bio on Phillip:

Born in Canada, Phillip Lewitski comes from a French, Ukrainian, and Mohawk ancestry. His heritage is a strong part of his identity and he strives to learn and explore his cultural roots. He grew up playing the piano, violin, and drums, with drumming being a way to connect with his Mohawk culture. He is a huge advocate for mental health and volunteers his time working with youth struggling from abusive homes, domestic violence, and drugs. At age 19 he published a book, “Inside My Head”, documenting his experiences growing up with hope to impact other teens struggling with life’s ups and downs.

For more on Phillip, don’t miss our interview with him this Friday.

Last week, we advertised that we would review TNT’s Snowpiercer series. We ended up reviewing Capone instead. This week, we bring you the Snowpiercer review you’ve been waiting for! Did the series leave us with a bitter chill? Find out this Friday as Andrew and Green give their honest opinions.

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Will Snowpiercer be a hot show? Find out this Friday!